Renoise Knock-Out Tournament - Round 4 (Final)

So I was thinking, what about a vsti round instead of samples?

Voted no. Mainly because I hardly ever get VSTs work 100% on my computer.

i’d vote “yes”, but given robbie’s handicap it wouldn’t really make sense.
samples are fine as well !

i voted ‘no’, because i think with Renoise compo’s it is important to pay respect to the awesomeness of Renoise’s native fx. if not, you could just as well do a compo where you’d be allowed use of other software as well (imo)

i couldn’t disagree more, rhowaldt. ;)
in my world, renoise excels at offering an alternate way of sequencing and programming electronic music.
it’s the “spreadsheet” vs “piano roll” kinda thing that i’m pointing at.
i simply cannot stand the other DAW’s workflow and i think i’m not alone with that amongst the renoise crowd.

and i assume the fewest of all users value renoise especially for its presumably awesome native effects.

i’m not saying they’re particularly bad sounding or weak - especially taking into account that they’re “bundled” with a 60 EUR software like renoise.
but they have a lot of shortcomings compared to realworld or plugin effects and are far beyond from being awesome - at least in my book…

well, keith303, who are you exactly to profess such things, huh? it’s not like you are keith303 or someth… damn!

yeah you’re right, i agree and i love the fact that Renoise is so versatile and the many ways in which people use it.

to give you one example for why i think as posted above:
i really love the butterworth 8n filter, but quick automation of an audio stream with no or just little high frequency portion will make it sound quite awful:

is that your entry for the final? :)

nah you’re right about that. i noticed stuff like that before as well but just worked around it. i’ve asked a question somewhere before but can’t remember where in the forums, about reading somewhere that the ugly clicks you get when changing the delay slider are intentional. i hate those things, i want to be able to change all sorts of sliders without getting artifacts or clicks or whatever. so, i understand what you mean and i understand why you choose to use VST’s, when these don’t have these effects.

have you ever made a suggestion to change this behavior? or at least have the dev team take a look at it or something? seems like a ‘bug’ of sorts.

Wow I’d never noticed before that the Moog filter type is the only one that doesn’t alias!

no, i didn’t report it, because i’m pretty sure it’s not a bug but simply due to the low CPU consumption the internal effects are designed for in the first place.

better anti-aliasing would certainly help here but would be way more CPU hungry as well… and as renoise has always been attracting plenty of people with low-end hardware, this is certainly not something the devs would like to improve.

exactly - i guess the steeper the slope, the harder to make it not alias whilst modulating.

sorry for kinda hijacking this thread :>

I never noticed that before, but I’m one of those low-end equipment guys ;)

Sorry I disappeared, work got busy and some other life stuff happened, though at least it looks like I’m not get hurricaned… I’ll try to put a vote in the final

I don’t see why not, couldn’t it just be a setting where you choose the amount of antialiasing? Like you can in 3D games, off, 1x, 2x and so on…

yeah, was thinking about this last night as well. in Reason you have this ‘Enable High Quality Interpolation’ switch… would work perfectly imo, if you can spare the CPU you can choose to enable.


No problem :)

Anyway, samplepack is up!

Rhowaldt and Chotoro – if you want to go ahead and submit a song if you have time, that would be great… I guess if we get one from Chotoro and not from Rhowaldt, Chotoro will default to honorary 3rd place?

Edit: I guess I should post some rules and stuff!

Rules are same as the first, except Tracking time limit this round: 5 hours!!!

Deadline: September 1, 12:00 Noon EST (GMT -5) … Deadline extensions may be granted with your bribes of cookies :)

Good luck all!

5 HRS !!
that’s about the time it takes to download the sample-pack from your hoster ! :D

:unsure: owned!!! :lol: Fortunately for you, the time limit doesn’t start until you actually get in Renoise, not when you click the download link :)

Hm. Since the finalists are hogging all the hours, perhaps us bronze fighters only get 2h then, as the compo was originally supposed to be? :) (perhaps subject to cookie temptation)

Anyway, although the bleep compo is mighty tempting, I’ll try and fight for the honorary mention!

What a fantastic idea!!! No cookie bribes on this one though!!! 2 hours, and that’s it. If you are caught cheating, your soul will be shamed! Shamed, I tell you!!!

^ Damnit, 2:30AM, you have made me act retarded… Hello bedtime since I have to be at work in the morning. :)

this must be the anti-techno sample pack! ^^
what do you think about the samples, robbie?
you like them? i hope you don’t ! haha :>