Renoise Knockout Compo Tournament Planning Topic

Firstly, please go through this old compo site from 2002. Knockout Compo Knockout Compo 2

Got the overall ideal? So what I’ve been thinking about every now and then is as simple as this:

Anyone interested in participating in a Renoise Knockout Compo Tournament?

My current suggestions for the compo:

  • Maximum of 16 participants. With 16 people we still get 4 rounds, which is a lot when considering the average amount of people finishing songs in e.g. 1 month or so. 32 participants is also a possibility.
  • All rounds are provided with a samplepack of which the song has to be made. All the samples in the samplepack can be freely altered beyond recognition. We’ll be trusting people at this point.
  • Every round has a different theme. Probably nothing genrewise, but maybe a set of mood, color, magical phrase or even a short novel of some sort.
  • There will be 3 weeks of time to make a song for each round, then 1 week for voting. In a nutshell you’d be doing a song every month depending on whether you pass to the next round or not.
  • In case of a participant not participating due to any possible explanation, the participant is disqualified and the other one who made an entry continues to the next round without judging. If both participants are disqualified, then one of the participants in the next round will proceed to the next round without judging.
  • No public voting whatsoever, only a set of judges that are more or less capable to do their job “the right way”. There will be speculations, there will be fuzz and anger, but this is the easiest way to do this.
  • Should the compo be strictly a Renoise compo with native fx and provided samplepack or all software allowed? I’m kinda voting this to be a Renoise compo.[/i]

Any suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Do answer the poll and enthusiasts can sign up for the compo by answering this topic, although there’s no telling if this compo will be arranged nor when it’s going to happen. After all, this topic is only for planning the actual compo.

I personally participated in the Knockout Compo 2 and I remember it being a lot of fun. So now I’d love to bring this old format to Renoise and see what happens.

Sounds cool, got my support :yeah:

+1 :guitar:

I would love this

Sounds like a big initiative… Ofcourse I’d love to participate!

could be sweet to be a part off,but dont know if i will have the time with my baby-girl coming some time this week though

Count me in…

Sounds fantastic! I’d personally prefer the “Renoise only” format, as I think it’d be fun to see what can be done with the native FX… I’ve been digging into (and really digging) Renoise since trying the demo several months ago and I’d love to join a compo like this.

By the way… Hello everyone (recent Renoise purchaser here, first post!) :)

Organizing this sort of a compo is going to be a hefty job, but I’ve had it on my mind for so long that I won’t matter doing all the dirty work. All that we need is a sufficient amount of participants and the rest will follow.

In other news, this compo could use a logo of somesort (in case it’s going to happen)! Any volunteers? I can host a composite at my domain including the entries and guess I could work out a very simple layout for the compo as well.

…and welcome aboard, circuit damage! :slight_smile:

I can make a logo, if you like. I’m not very good (I’ve seen far better work from other people on this forum), but it’s my line of daily work, so at least I have the software and some know-how.

In other news, I could also design the website while I’m at it. Did I mention I’d SO be a part of this compo? As participant or behind the curtains, but this initiative is too cool to ignore.

In other news, welcome circuit damage!

Here’s a cartoony logo I threw together. Probably not what you’re thinking, but anyway… Oh, and thanks for the welcomes!

Sorry, my graphic design skills aren’t the best:

Love it! Punch-Out!!!

I’m in

awwww :3333 gratz!

i wanna be in!!! but can i just say if we do themes, can we make it like ideas as opposed to genres… i can’t make breakcore : S

i had to drop out of the drill and bass thing…

Count me in!

The earliest I’d launch this compo is after the next Renoise version is out. But yeah, all people who would like to participate in the compo, turn yourself in!

I’d be interested in participating if there’s room available.

I reckon it should be only native fx allowed, but not the sample pack thing, stops people from getting creative and making their own samples ( eg singing, playing instruments)

it would be nice to see a few Tracker influenced pop music songs coming to the fore ; )

I couldn’t resist to post something for the flyer