Renoise like a MPC?

Hi guys,

I played a bit with the (not midi mappable) version of the MPC software that cam with an Akai controller, and I liked it. I was wondering, if any one of you ever used renoise groovebox-style? I mean, sample chopping and placing weird beats is top notch and easy in renoise, much more easy than in the MPC software. But it’s always placing and not funky-groovy-playing…

So I sliced down some nice samples, played them live on my drum pads, everything fine. But then I tried to record the sequence in renoise and I just could not get it right. Even with very high resolution, it always was kind of odd. (And I had to make my own click-track, because the metronome got unusable).

Anyone ever tried that and got it better?

And if not, do you know a nice groovebox software, that does not get in the way? Besides the AKAI MPC emulation? Witch one is worth the money they ask for it? Geist, perhaps?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

on 3.0.1 fix version recording mpc style is better also you can use quantize on some of tracks, since there added mute group function in sample editor banging pads are top best ultra on renoise

Oh, I totally forgot about MPE. I used it in 2.8 and somehow missed it’s update for 3.0.0.

I never looked at an MPC before, so I did not know how many things are actually mapped to the pads (editing and stuff), so now midi mapping MPE makes totally sense!

Thanks for bringing it back to mind, Djeroek!

And for 3.0.1, midi recording now works much better, I also missed that update, thanks LOLFAIL!

Do you know what the problem was? In the release notes, it says, that midi recording now got improved and it should work better. Are there still any problems? Did you encounter some?

HELLL YES i missed mpe update too, i loved that tool, BIG THANKS!

i usually record notes in realtime from keyboard, before i had a struggle that note recorded on a last 4 or 2 lines of a sequence, now it seems to work as it should

Is an update of MPE for Renoise 3 planned?

Not quite specific to MPCs, but one thing I’ve found to be underutilized is the block loop functionality to get focused on 1 or 2 bars within a pattern. This seems to be a part of the MPC-style - taking 4 or 8 beats and obsessively tweaking them to perfection.

Is an update of MPE for Renoise 3 planned?

scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find a version for renoise 3: