Renoise, linux and soundcard: What is a good sound card (usb) to use with alsa driver on linux for Renoise?


i try the renoise demo on linux MX but my bluetooth speaker is not recognized as sound device

my question is simple, what is a good sound card (usb) to use with alsa driver on linux for renoise ?


The Behringer UMC-series devices are nicely working with Linux but you can use pretty much any class-compliant USB device these days.

I use a Presonus AudioBox USB 96 with no problems.Tested in Ubuntu, Manjaro and SolusOs

To get the demo to work with most USB sound devices, you have to select it from the preferences window. It doesn’t use the ALSA default driver by its own default.

Thanks for your answers

@SamuraiCrow yes i try on preference but my device is not on alsa choice

Might be worth checking here and on the Linux Audio forums - based on that previous thread, it appears it’s a config issue with pulse audio or something.

Given the above, Pipewire might be a solution too but I can’t assist unfortunately because I’ve no experience with it.

Class Compliant USB Interface is perhaps the best solution. All soundcards mentioned in this thread plus many others like the Focusrite Scarlett (2i4o for example) ones will work out of the box.