Renoise Live

As the Live topic seemed to wake a certain interest, here it come a brief explanation about some of the way one might want to use Renoise “live”.

The disco
The basic of all live acts is the simple execution of your music… being this a single tune or a long mix. You can play it in front of a girl to impress her, in front of some businessman to concince him of your skills… you can play it in front of a small group of friends or a large group of people to see them dance or meditate.
( My first published EP was listened by the publisher while executed live on Protracker from my Amiga1200, that’s how I convinced him )

The deejay
The concept of multi-tracks and patterns might open the door to certain tricks. You might want to mute-unmute certain tracks or jump from a pattern to another during a live execution in order to obtain “live” certain differences whose need you could not predict when composing. This is usefull when the music must comment as soundtrack for certain live acts.
( When the World Freeclimbing Championship had one of its stops in Milan, some years ago, I was called to be “The DJ” and used this tactic to follow each climber with a live-customized soundtrack that made each climb look and feel like it was recorded and perfectly postproduced. Climbers were very happy about this )

The concert
As you certainly know, you can chain link a wide number of DSP effects to your track’s output. This means you might want to shoot some samples through pre-built channels. From simple “effects” to serious part of the music. Playing with an instrument in one effected track might present latency problem… xpecially if you’re using fast-attack instruments.

:P :lol:

Live renoise is quite fun. I just plug my guitars, mics and computer into a pa. I have also a midi keyboard setup to go in a live channel of whatever song I’m playing. Click play and away you go. Audience goes ‘wow you sound like a huge band’ - hehe when you’re just you and a computer. Live guitars and singing always helps too… :guitar: :blink: :yeah:

I was wondering if there was a way to add a live vocoder effect in renoise. Are there were any VSTi that would take the live mic input from your soundcard and play it into the channel it was linked to? Or is there another non-hardware method possible in renoise.

Try Orange vocoder.

But i think - problem is that renoise cant switching paterns over MIDI …
because if you play like DJ method how you can switch pattern ?

on the keyboard ?

there should be another one to the list

The Geek

you get the renoise developers to implement an idea that lets you control renoise with OSC messages
A. use supercollider3 on another laptop.
send the commands through the terminal on the sc3 box while having an external controller manipulate misc. vsti’s in renoise, have a script that tells renoise to play only certain patterns layered at certain timings when a button on a controller is pressed and have other buttons for modulation /interpolation through patterns.

B. create a reaktor ensemble to control renoise with osc. having the ability to use reaktors quantize features to filter input notes to program patterns 'Live.
using a midi toggle/fader to select between instruments. having predefined scripts for sample offset maps. all from your very own reaktor created Renoise light interface.

Anyone got a workaround to get rid of the loading in between songs?
I tried to merge all the songs in one file, but it seems to get very unreliable.
many midi switching, and Renoise tend to drop some. and bad overview.

Load in a second instance of Renoise?

Definitely another instance, then you can also select a different output (if your soundcard supports it)

I can’t load two renoises to use with ASIO

maybe some sort of playlist thingie with the ability to still be able to tweak your tracks,i saw someone was working on a playlist tool,so im interested in seeing what he comes up with

Interesting, any link to a WIP?
found it:

Hmm - maybe ASIO4all is worth a shot? I’ve replaced the Novation NIO’s crappy soundcard drivers with those, and it worked wonders for me.

Gotta give props to choice for predicting the future way back in 2005?


Hmmm… taps into space-time continuum I predict that when mind reading technology becomes more developed you will be able to make Renoise songs directly from your mind…

I don’t know about you guys but my live setup goes like this: I run renoise with a file designed for live use that contains a crapload of interchangeable patterns. I trigger these patterns using a midi controller. I also have multiple vst effects on the master output which are normally disabled but are then activated when I choose to. The audio of renoise is run from my pc into an input on my dj mixer. The dj mixer also has the audio from a microkorg run into it as well for playing over patterns in renoise. The mixer’s audio is then run to a kaoss pad which is used for glitching stuff out and for transissioning the patterns in renoise. And that’s it really. I just kind of juggle doing all of this. I am currently trying to utilize my prosound gameboy with lsdj in the setup as well but that’s still a work in progress.

Have you noticed that in 2.6 you can do kind of scratching hahaha?
It’s not so smooth of course but just for fun load your fav. mp3 and scroll up or down in pattern editor while playing!
Autoseek rules.
I like it.


For playing songs and to mix them try mixxx from you probably know. It’s free and multiplatform.

Sorry I went off topic, but just to say I know renoise is for more than djing.