Renoise Logo

I read in another topic on this forum where someone mentioned something about the number of Renoise users are significantly lower than other DAWs and music-programs. One way to bring peoples attention to Renoise is to make them know Renoise exists. Marketing is one way to do this. However, marketing usually costs both time and money. Something I’m sure the Renoise-crew don’t have an abundance of either to spend.


I would like to do my little contribution to raise the Renoise awareness around the world. But for that I would need the Renoise-logo in, preferably, high-resolution. I remember seeing a link to one way, waaay back. Needless to say, I can’t find it anymore.

Don’t worry, I won’t do any sales campaigns or anything. Just a logo that links to here and there. That kind of stuff.

Hey, would you look at that! Thanks!