Renoise Meeting

Because there are many Renoise users in the area of the Netherlands and Germany,
I got the idea for a Renoise meeting.

So if you are interested in such thing, please let me know.

If there are enough people interested, we can discuss a place and date that suites us all.

current Guest list:

  • Dr. Drips :D

I live in canada :(

Groningen here! :)


from my place, i have about 90km to the dutch border, so i’d most definately join the whole thing.

besides the amount of interested people, the following questions would have to be clarified:

  • where
  • private place?
  • public, rented place?(this of course does heavily depend on the amount of attendees)

what country?
germany or holland?


  • what’s the point of time, most people are able to attend?
  • how long should the event last? one evening or longer?


  • are we meeting just for boozing, just for chatting?
  • should the event be arranged in a “demoscene” style flavour? (bring your desk- or laptop, show-off something, live tracking)?
  • and most importantly: should there be competitions? :D

so no matter what, i’m in for the fun and would also offer help arranging and setting up some stuff.

Should be nice to bring some comps to exchange Ideas, and indeed, maybe a competition.
It would be nice if some of the Devs could attend too.
I’m sure many people would like to meet them.

Maybe the best place for the meeting will be near the border between the Netherlands and Germany to minimize travel time.

and Keith, thanks for the offer, any help is welcome.

taktik mentioned interest for a dedicated renoise dev/team meeting a few times before.
even though this wouldn’t become a meeting of that kind in particular, i’d say it comes at least pretty close to that, so chances are that he might be interested to come, too.

but let’s watch this thread for a few days to get an overview about how high the interest is for such an event after all.

Sure I’m interested, but that doesn’t mean there’s any way I could actually go :\

well, i meant interest in actually coming to and showing up at the event. :)

I hope to accompany my girlfriend to her art residency in Latvia. I don’t know when that will be but it won’t be until 2009. I’d like to come, or at least organize a meet-up if/when I’m in Europe.

I’m there!

Name a time and place! should be fun!

Well, if anybody is in Tallinn Estonia they can always call here, and come for a drink and some music. :)

Netherlands and germany are bit far away, but if you guys organize a good gig with place where to sleep and place where to drink and place where to perform and enjoy music, and report it enough time in advance, I could maybe come up with the money for plane tickets and stuff.

will you be on #renoise also? I’m in the US and there’s no way I have the $ for such a trip, but if I did I’d be there definitely :D

sounds great!

That’s ok… you me and conner_bw can hook up and geek out… though that would involve you two coming to my neck of the woods… but I’m sure it won’t cost that much =p

I checked the prices to trip to Netherlands and Germany. For me it’s around $150 to germany and $400 to Netherlands. (Cause I can apparently get to Germany with Easyjet).

That’s not too much money. Assuming transportation (car rental or public transit tickets) and accomodation and food, the prices won’t go to big. For just a drink in a local pub with people, it’s bit too much. But if you can organize an event where people can talk, drink beer, perform and listen to good music, I am in.

I could easily organize something like that in Tallinn, but I don’t know if anybody bothers to come here. It’s bit far away from everybody else. :)

(Also I could perform ~1h TBM/Dark Techno set with my band).

Good idea! Cyrex and I are definately interested. Germany / Holland is both Ok (we live in brabant & limburg)

Yeah, German here too,
it depends on where it will be, cause traveling aint that cheap as it once was :frowning:

Aha yeah, i notice a lot of Germans crossing our Dutch border to get our cheap gasoline… :panic: :panic:
(just consider the fact that we Dutch are moaning about the petrol prizes)

Just watch the worldwide petrolprizes and then you know you have a good reason to moan about it:

can i get in on that? i am from ontario and i’m due for a visit back there sometime lol.

The list seems pretty old, as now estonia has long exceeded the top ranking entry in the table. And I doubt estonia has replaced Netherlands in the table.