Renoise Meeting

don’t forget cat food, lot’s of cats in tEh renoise scene

today’s offer:

i could possibly arrange a location in Dortmund, Germany.
it would suffice for aprx. 40-50 people including their PCs.

the location itself is supposed to become some kind of clothing outlet store, but that’s still in progress so the facility is yet pretty vacant and would therefore be suitable for such a meeting without having to rearrange a lot.

for what date could you arrange that?
I would deffo be interested in making the trip, also lending a helping hand in organizing whateverts.

date could be anything we want, but it should still take place this year i’d say.

some more info about the location and general conditions:

  • about 100m² of room, high ceiling
  • there are no windows and it’s meant to become a shop for clothes soon -> so no smoking possible inside
  • no windows means thick walls everywhere. high noise levels possible all night long.
  • i will organize/rent three or four extension cords for electricity, you would have to bring your own multi-outlet power strips
  • i will organize/rent the respective amount of tables and chairs
  • if desired, i could organize cold drinks (there is a fridge) for cheap prices
  • there would be somewhat like an “entrance fee”, which is supposed to cover my expenses and those of the location owner. please understand that i will have to charge that fee in advance (via wire transfer or whatever), because a plain promise here on the forums is worth nothing and i’m not keen on renting all that stuff when actually only half the people come to the party itself.
  • the exact amount of that fee depends on the number of participants.

thanks for offering your help. i’ll maybe take you up on this matter if things get a bit more detailed.

forgot to mention:

  • the floor is already carpeted and of course the owner is not intrested in getting it ruined. so i have currently no idea how to make sure that after that weekend the carpet isn’t blotched with coke and beer. any ideas? “drinking outside only” shouldn’t be an option, imo.
  • the room suffices for 30 people (rough guess).
  • i’m not sure if everything is worthwhile if less than 15 people are planning to come. in that case we could just as well meet at somebody’s house/flat.
  • the place itself is pretty close to some pizza service which could deliver decent food.
  • location is about 5 min away from the city centre (by car).
  • i could bring my old denon amp + pre-amp + two of my canton speakers (hard right on this pic) to the location to deliver some sound for eventual competitions or general need of playing something more loudly / hifi.

so i’d really like to hear some opinions about my proposal and it would be cool of somebody else could come up with some alternative location so we’d have a choice.
besides that it would be finally fun to see how many would be SERIOUSLY interested in coming at all.

Great to hear keith! if nobody has a better suggestion I would say, lets go for it!
if we agree on the location, we only need a date to begin filling the guest list.
Maybe every one can bring some drinks/snacks so it won’t cost you.
maybe some people will have extension cables, tables and chairs they can bring also.
and are there good (cheap) ways to crash in Dortmund?

so to get a better overview:

@Dr. Drips
it would be cool if some people will bring their chairs/tables/cables/drinks.
but if only SOME of them will bring their stuff, it will complicate things again, because we’d have to determine who brings and who brings not and if somebody brings something, what does he bring and what does he still require?
so please either all bring their stuff or none and i will organize it then.

i’m really totally clueless when it comes to public transportation, as i personally always prefer going by car.

By crashing he meant place to sleep.

I can see the most feasible airport is the one of Frankfurt. Apparently there is Dortmund airport aswell, but I can’t figure out any good way to get there.

If we choose this place, atleast I need to figure out some transport from Frankfurt. Probably some other people want to come from other countries aswell, so maybe we can gang up and rent a minivan or something.

EDIT: Also, closer airport is the one of Köln and Düsseldorf. The latter seems to be closest I can get to, also cheapest.

wish i lived in EU.
would be cool if there was something like this in canada…

Nice idea… count me in…

@keith: regarding the carpet… maybe cover it with some blanket (plastik binbags or so…?)… I think the carpet will be ruined for shure if not protected in any way.

Yeah, we need some dates, sooner the better. Or else there is not much chance to plan. (Planetickets and hotels have to be booked before aswell).

I am bringing one or two people with me aswell. Travelling alone is bit boring.

Also, me and maybe some other international travellers would be interested in prices around germany. How much does beer cost for example? :D

Hmm, my reply didn’t appear…? strange. Anyhow, i think keith’s idea is very good. You asked for an alternative, so here it is:

  • I have this 80m2 detached house in middle Finland. An attic for dark rituals which is about 50m2.
  • Here’s 4 monitor speakers, 2 tower speakers and 2 subwoofers and i quarantee that the sound is LOUD and the neighbours won’t complain (only 1 house near us and the bass won’t matter that much to the neighbours. at least they haven’t complained yet.).
  • Possibly a video projector.
  • About 15 minutes drive from the center (Kuopio, Finland)
  • Smoking outside (tobacco, ganja whatever…)
  • 3 cats and one dog
  • A handful of tolerant, open-minded and peaceful party people from my side if necessary ;)
  • the place can hold about 30-40 people, but the more people, the more Tetris it is…
  • Free sleep over. The sound isolation is actually pretty good when you go to other rooms for sleeping.
  • 2/2 MB Internet connection. I have a 4 slot NAT.
  • Beautiful Finnish nature around the place.
    That’s about it…

About events I have this one idea: we should arrange a tracking competition. Who makes the best tune in 3 hours or so… OHC is a bit hard for many so 2 h or 3 h would result in more entries.

The date should be at this year imo. I’ll attend to this with my gf if our financial situation is stable enough for it. Germany or Netherlands are suitable for us.

I recommend that all possible attenders would come to #renoise @ and we’d talk this over and decide place and date and other stuff that pops in mind. It’d speed things up. How about the meeting at #renoise next Sunday 21st of September or the next Sunday after that, 28th of September?


  • Jussi

sounds good …at the moment I am in denmark copenhagen …been thinking about returning to belgium …but after hearing this I might as well stay a litlle bit longer and go to finland …

Ho, sounds like a good alternative tenda!
I wouldn’t mind going to Finland either. ;)

Though I think Germany is more practical…

Yeah, finland would be lot cheaper for me aswell. Specially counting there is a possibility to stay overnight.

I’m in for Keith’s plan… I’d pay the necesary “entrance” fee asap! :D

The only problem is I have a small car so I won’t be able to bring table’s and stuff. There’s enough room for a shitload of beer though ;)

How will you get there Jordy? Maybe we can drive together. Carpooling ftw :D

Sure thing captain! I don’t have a license tho, so I’m afraid you’d be stuck
behind the wheel for the whole trip. I know, I’m a real bottomfeeder. ;)

It’s okay… it’s not that far innit? :D

I think it’ll be approximately a 9 hour drive or something…?
It takes 7 hours by train to get from Rotterdam to Berlin anyway…

Me and distances = :huh:

But you’re on bro! A Void Pointing Benefit of the Roadtrip!

9 hours to germany?! Should be something like 4-5 hours I think ;)

Germany is a big country, captain. It all comes down to where I guess…
We’ll see, I’m up for a Renoise Adventure anyday! Hurrah!