Renoise meetup TODAY @ 18:00 Skeneklubi Helsinki

The cost of me getting there is a little bit over comfort level tbh, but I’ll check my finances… or maybe I could get a friend to go with me, that way the cost would get cut in half (more or less).

I’ve asked how much it would cost to use Skeneklubi non-exclusively for this meeting. Haven’t got any answer yet and they probably want to know approximately how many people are coming. Skeneklubi is “gentlemens club” for demosceners in Helsinki. Big place with game consoles, some old computers, video projector and stuff. Easily reachable via subway and so on.

So, how many people are planning to come?

I don’t think they charge much, my guess is max 100 eur, if we don’t mind club members using it too.
Would probably be much cheaper option than drinking beer in some bar if more than 5 people come :)

What does gentlemens club mean in Finland? In Canada it’s slang for strip club (sex shop). I don’t want to sound prude, but I can’t agree to this.

I’m hoping the word demosceners in the same sentence implies it means something like “a club for dudes” or a “hack lab?”

Yeah, I think you are right. I was hoping more Europeans would show up since, for me as a Canadian, it seems very cheap to travel by plane, pass out in a ditch, then go back on a 24 hour bender. But, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

I’m into cheap beer out of a napsack if that’s what happens.

Good times.

Haha, yeah. Didn’t think of that. I was more like thinking of this -’s_club but in quotation marks.

It’s just a general hangaround place where people gather to drink beer and watch demos, play consoles and occasionally even develope demos :)

Yeah, I think we all would be comfortable with this. And I don’t think we need a special reservation for the whole place, there is going to be just few of us anyway. Just a place to sit down, have beer, and some net connectivity is just fine I guess.

Hehe yeah in summertime maybe, but passing out in a ditch up here in December is not really recommended :P And while it’s fairly cheap to fly, on saturdays it’s not, which would result in a day or two extra. Cheapest option from here (Stockholm, Sweden) is by boat, which is like a 4 day round trip.

You can always fly there on friday, and travel back on sunday by boat.

Some form of accommodation would be nice, if there was some place to stay with sleeping bags and such, it could make the trip at least a bit cheaper.

Yeah I was thinking along the same lines Suva. Fly over, grab some hostel or someish for a bed, and boat back. But, yes there’s a but, the bad part is that a one way trip on the boat costs (+ the air fare) more or less the same as the 4 day round trip, which includes a hotel room for one night in Helsinki. So my best bet is the boat all the way… now I just have to decide if I can live with the expense hehe.


let’s talk more about the place and time please.

would be cool to join in but need to skip this time.
have too much work with my diploma work.
have fun, cAMEL

I’ll check in to the SOKOS PRESIDENTTI on the afternoon of December 3rd.

I won’t be online much until then. I’ll be “in transit.” Worse case scenario, loiter around that hotel, we’ll meet up and do something.

Edit: Wrong URL, fixed.

And you want people from Europe to fly to Helsinki to loiter around the Hotel? :D

Oh well, I’ll try catch some people on IRC tonight and see what they are doing, maybe we can work out something interesting to do. I’ll let you know.

I was in several conversations with a few members of the Renoise team. I was lobbying to get them to Helsinki. I even had a budget from my own pocket, albeit a shitty one, but after several weeks of trying nothing worked out.

That was my “read between the lines” in this thread. I didn’t expect Europeans to fly in, although that would have been an awesome bonus, I was rooting for “specific Europeans” to fly in. ;)

In another life maybe.

For now, it’s makeshift mayhem! The budget will go towards alcohol. Let’s do it.

I talked with Skeneklubi guys and we have access to club from 6pm friday.

I said we could pay 50 to 100 eur depending of amount of people who come. So about 10 eur per person. We can stay as long as we want, but sleeping there is not ok for non-members.

The address is Suvilahdenkatu 10 A, 4th floor. I won’t post the door code to public forum, but you are free to call me on friday - my number is +358445347163.

Easiest way to get there is taking a subway from railway station. Kalasatama metro station is couple of hundred meters from Klubi.

Google maps for you:

Suvilahdenkatu 10
Kalasatama station is on the right.

Post here if you are coming. Not required, but recommended.

I’ll bring few racks of cheap beer from Estonia if I can, who wants some can compensate me a little, I am not interested in making profit. :)

Also if in luck I will also bring stuff to record and air Remixta next episode. If some artists could join us would be cool. ;)

My number is +37256159187 if anyone wants to call for some reason. :)

Sorry I won’t be there… it’s a bit too far away for me… and I got some school projects to finish by dec 6th.

maybe next time.


Renoise meetings are awesome.

Bumping the thread!

I am preparing to go on ship. I will grab some beer first from Estonia and bring it with me, so even if you lack money, don’t worry and come anyway. :D

I will be bringing laptop, mic and other necessary stuff to record and air next episode of remixta, if I actually come to that, we’ll see. But those who can’t come for some very unfortunate reason, keep an eye on this forum and IRC. I will let everyone know when the show is about to air.

Hope this goes well for you gents. Have a drink for me! :)

Slightly considering the prospect of doing this in Australia, maybe a Renoise festival with a party after. Brisbane’s “The Edge” venue at GoMA seems like a venue opened minded enough to do something like this. Maybe late 2011 or 2012.

gl hf! (=