Renoise meetup TODAY @ 18:00 Skeneklubi Helsinki

Suva lives in Tallinn, apparently 1.5 hours away from Helsinki, by boat. Sauli from IRC is in Helsinki.

I’m thinking, Renoise meet up December 3rd in Helsinki? Is this possible for you guys in Turku? Like a bar night?

Mandatory beer.

Edit: Date confirmed.

Edit by Suva: Copied details from the end of the thread by Sauli

I live in Lahti, an hour away from Helsinki

I split the tread from this: Visiting Rauma Finland, October And November.

Anyway I would come. Just name the place and time.

Saturday, the 4th would probably be the best.

I live also quite close so it may be possible that I’ll join. It’s just that I’m having difficulties with having money (I don’t have any). But still I like the idea and if things work out I’d love to participate.

I <3 beer :wub:


i used to live in sinkinhell and every now and then im visiting there so, yea, why not. im in!

cheers, cAMEL

I’ll get my tax refunds between those days and already had plans to visit few friends there before christmas so timing is great.
We’ll see more close to december how things go.

Any updates on this? More precice details would be helpful, so I could plan the trip, book the tickets and the hotel.


I am free the afternoon and evening of Friday December 3rd.

I will be in walking distance from the Sokos Hotel.

Any bar around there would be great!

Evening of saturday would still be better, or else people have to change their work schedule for the trip.

Also, would be cool if the pub had a WiFi or other means of internet connection, so I could bring a laptop and air some drunken stuff as Remixta Episode. :)

Well, I only have Friday free. All other days I can’t do.

If everyone else wants to meet on Saturday, not a big deal if I don’t go. Have fun!

Friday is is fine I guess. Now we just need the place and time. :)

Renoise meetings do not work. Don’t even bother!

Yep. I drinked my refunds in advance so i’ll have to pass.

Think locally connor. what about us here with you in Canada? ;) Lets set something up!! w007!


Situation changed… can’t give 100% guarantee if I will join the meet or not. My whole department at work will be laid off for two weeks in december and if this really happens I have to be careful with finances as this will dig quite a big hole in my january’s salary. Already I will have four days cut off from decembers salary… fucking sucks but I really have no options. If, and hopefully when the lay-offs are cancelled, I can rethink about the journey. Those four days I can live with.

Well whatever you guys decide on, I am going to be in Helsinki on 3rd. I’ll probably bring a microphone and a laptop too. So if I get a connectivity to net (I heard that 1MB internet connection is a human right in Finland), I will try to broadcast Remixta #12 from there.

It would be cool if some of the artists could join us so we can have a few words on air… And after that… Beer! :D

Also we still need a place to meet. I would prefer something cheaper. I could tug some (relatively) cheap beer from Estonia too if we had a place to consume it at. Would be almost 10 times cheaper than to buy a beer from pub in Helsinki.

Bar ?, what’s that, I remember being young enough not to be able to purchase beer and just hanging out in the woods or train tracks where all the drinkin and druggin would take place.

Odd memories aside, I would totally listen, even be tempted to remix a podcast of drunken renoisers in one room talking about how the weather sucks and how wool socks = cool in a warm way, while everything else is bollocks.

Would be cool to join in on this, but I’m not sure I can make it. I’ll have a closer look.

I am obviously going to be there. December 3rd is reserved for me, for this purpose.

I will be in Espoo December 1st and 2nd. Tallinn December 5th. Unfortunately, none of those days are free for me because I am traveling with my wife, baby daughter, and we have other plans.

I am still waiting on the results of my email harassment campaign to better plan the day and evening. Perhaps something more formal, then a second location for general beer drinking.

Edit: Ping.

I don’t know how much formality we need. There are not going to be lots of us anyway.