Renoise Memes Official Thread

(sokoban) #1

Hello !

Recently, someone asked for a meme thread dedicated to Renoise. Here it is. I have done several Renoise memes during the last 3 years. I will put them here, one per day. And of course, all of those who have other Renoise memes can add them here. With pleasure!

This one was done during Mutant Breaks #9 because I was alone in the dark of this empty rooms doing music in HEX :wink:


See you later.

(sokoban) #2

Here is your daily Renoise meme :yum:
I prepared this one just before a Piano Roll tool appeared. So I never posted it before. But it is not realy native. So I think the meme can be uploaded anyway.


(joule) #3

It was never released though :frowning: So we’re still stuck at the same point as before.

(pandabot) #4

:clap: :clap:

(sokoban) #5

I’m afraid all my other memes are related to the so much wanted and so much waited Renoise v3.2 but as promised only one picture per day. Trust me. This one has never been posted because of the recent come back of Taktik. :blush:


(ffx) #6

This could have been me :sweat_smile:

(sokoban) #7

Oki doki we continue :sunglasses: I already posted this one most recently, in 2018, because you know, after two years without updates (hahaha) I finally gave a chance to FL Studio 20. Did you know it has a piano roll? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


(sokoban) #8

This one was made because you know, after 2 years without updates (yes, again), people became nervous. Planet was burning! People were dying! Money was lying! (Yes, exactly like for MBC #11, true). But hey:


(Conner_Bw) #9

Not a meme per say but back in the day I would post this video in any thread about the “renoise’s audio engine” where “people claim that they can hear a difference, or they can talk for pages and pages about how they feel like something is wrong, but they never seem to be able to provide any solid proof…”

(Conner_Bw) #10

Or how about necro fabio? I mean friendzone fabio?

(milkyheart) #11

this one’s called “adjusting automation envelopes”

(sokoban) #12

I hate useless statistics. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I love useless statistics. :heart_eyes:

And this meme was kind of a private joke for those who like useless statistics and who like Renoise too. Even without updates during 2 years. Now that Taktik is back, perhaps this meme will be obsolete later in 2019. Wait and see.


(sokoban) #13

Very last one for now. And yes, again a meme dedicated to Renoise v3.2 :crazy_face:


(sokoban) #14

Argh. Memes are like a drug. Argh. Here is my first Renoise meme for year 2019. Argh.


(sokoban) #15

And because it’s easy to make a mistake with a shortcut and lost some patterns without even notice it:


(sokoban) #16

Very last one for now. But this time it’s true. You can check back tomorrow. But you don’t need. Trust me. So now that Taktik is back on assembly low level coding of our favorite DAW, this one is for him, in the perfect respect of the AYBABTU meme. :clown_face:


(pandabot) #17

NEXT :clap: MEME :clap:

(sokoban) #18

In the same time… I never said that I will never post memes anymore… And because I’m sure that some of you are big Star Wars fans, here is what Yoda told me about Renoise future :yum:


(Ledger) #19

O Rly? Owl has many nests:


(sokoban) #20

It’s been a while. I can’t wait longer. Here are some breaking news.