Renoise Memes Official Thread

(sudhanshu arora) #21

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(ishu arora) #22

hahaha…Nice one. I enjoyed it.

(nykk deetronic) #23

Heheh great one!
Honestly - why nobody touches / updates this amazing program anymore? I didn`t follow much in past 2 years (as Renoise works great) but would be nice for some updates… Maybe just single tool: for quick volume up/down in sample editor… F10 for each volume is a bit boring :slight_smile:

(sokoban) #24

Muhuhahaha… I’m devilish… :smiling_imp:



47%20AM cursed_FX folder

(sokoban) #26

This one for fun. It’s a joke. Taktik has never killed any kitten. But God yes.


(Fabrice) #27

I’m glad I didn’t ask for a piano roll! :cat: :sweat_smile: