Renoise Merchandise

okay i’m just wondering if there’s any way we can get more clothes/designs added to the renoise merchandise page? presumably some of the money from the merch which is bought goes to renoise? so i need a new black zipped hoody. this is a very specific need. it cannot be a red hoody with no zip. it must be a black zipped hoody. it would be quite cool if this hoody had the renoise logo thing in red on the breast, and the bigger renoise logo on the back in red… pretty much the same as the existing stuff which is on there. i know i could have this made/printed myself but if i’m going to buy a renoise hoody it makes sense for some of the money to go to renoise right?

I glanced at your site and noticed a photo with a DHR hoodie; just the one a friend of mine had and I quite fancied (the hoodie, not the friend). Then I discovered it on some merch site in the US which sells a slightly peculiar selection of old stuff (DHR alongside G.Love & Special Sauce alongside Covenant? whatever…). I’m probably not going to get one, since a] it costs the kind of money that I probably thought was acceptable when I was a teenager but now can only conceptualise in terms of £fractions-of-a-month’s-rent and b] I too am only interested in zipped hoodies now; as someone whose mid-twenties are fading cruelly away, I consider them as being roughly analogous to pensioners’ cardigans and I wear them contentedly with that in mind when I turn off the heating to save pennies. A new H&M zippy hoodie every six months, to be worn until the sleeves gape like Belladonna’s chuff.

Aye, some fancy Renoise merch would be canny.

hehe yeah… i lost that hoodie at a hostel in prague some years ago. they don’t sell it from the DHR site anymore. i just looked at the site you mention, the hoodie there looks similar although the back is slightly different. my one had the band roster on the back as a vertical list in kinda jagged print. it was also particularly soft. :P

I checked the Renoise store and saw new zip-up hoodies.

Unfortunately, the Army green zip-up hoodie only comes in size small.

Is this a bug in the system or is there a way to request another size?

Thanks. I am stoked that this clothing option is available.

Everything in the shop is made to order by Spreadshirt, so the sizes that are available just depends on what Spreadshirt has in stock at that moment. During busy periods like Christmas, you can expect Spreadshirt to be low on certain items. Obviously the army coloured hoodies are in high demand at the moment, but this is not just limited to the Renoise shop, it affects all Spreadshirt shops.


some sweet tshirt’s, the yellow green contrast T is dope.

These are all just localised versions of the same store.

There’s an American store which is a different thing (which hasn’t been fully updated yet, but I’ll hopefully get around to it soon), but all the European variations are linked to the same account.

Must have been or be a bug in the system, unless they just happened to update in the few minutes i was looking.

previously, there was only small in brown and green. Now after having gone through side, which does put me back at .de both show all sizes.

Looks like it’s a bug, someone could report it and possibly get a free hoodie. :)

Sidetrack: But by definition .net should be a general top level domain and not localised to anywhere, so doesn’t fit in with the other two or your comment.

shrug It’s Spreadshirt’s weirdness, not mine :)

I think they just use .net as the entry point for their general European presence, which is not tied to any particular country until you start digging around a bit further.

On prices are displayed like: € 19.90
On .net prices are displayed like: € 19,90
On .de prices are displayed like: 19,90 €

There are probably some other small differences here and there as well, but I haven’t really explored it too much.

Anyway… no big deal! :D

Surely should be in £xx.xx, we have not adopted the Euro!

To be fair .com is often considered American whereas it is also a general TLD, there is the .us domain.

There’s also .eu for European Union, which should more correctly be used for an all encompassing Euro site, rather than .net.

Anyway enough of the sidetrack! Give us more goodies :D

well i’m kinda dissapointed that there is no Renoise thong. i really wanted to surprise my wife with that. she would’ve had no idea what that was all about.

indeed, u r right… and don’t call me shirley! (rip leslie nielsen!)

Look again :)

how could i have missed that? that’s fantastic :)

but i’m very sure this is not in the store: renoise merchandise with taktik’s head printed on it. if it ever came to the store, it would of course have to be available on the thong as well.

I added it a few moments after reading your suggestion. Wasn’t sure if you were joking or not, but I thought I’d do it anyway. I’ll try to expand some of the other items as well soon. :)

As for putting Taktik’s head on the merch, well, I’m not entirely sure if he’d be comfortable with that :D

Full disclosure: I currently help with email support for Renoise, and I also took over maintaining the clothing shops (if you hadn’t guessed already). As I said, I will try to expand on the items and other options that are available in the shops.

you filthy rat.

i guess putting your head on there would do for most people as well. :)

Know I have heard talk of a Renoise Thong in the past and thought it was always available. Obviously not then…

Cool. Although it would be quite nice to know who they use for the base products. EG Fruit Of The Loom hoodies seem to often be the choice of many screen printers for some reason…

If I was to get something it would most likely be a hoody, and call me fussy but I only really like them with zips down the front and as far as I can see none are offered :( Maybe I should bite the bullet and just get a T sometime…

The base product is listed on every item in the shop. I personally avoid using any Fruit of The Loom stuff because from my own experiences I find their garments to be rather low quality. For t-shirts I can highly recommend the American Apparel shirts - the quality of them is absolutely superb, the fit is very nice, and they are insanely comfortable. I can also tell you that Spreadshirt’s ‘Classic t-shirt’ (made by B&C) is also very nice quality, but with a slightly cheaper price and more generic/standard fit.

You can find the zip-up hoodie here, available in a few colour choices:

If you browse around Spreadshirt’s site, you can see they have a pretty huge range of items to choose from. Here’s a full list of what they offer, including the brand/manufacturer, the material it’s made from, how it fits, etc:

With the standard shop type, you have to manually create the items you want to offer, so it’s rather time-consuming setting everything up. They do offer another type of shop - the designer shop - where the customer is able to put your design on any garment they want, in any colour, size, etc. I personally offer both types of shop for my own products, but currently Renoise only has the standard shop type. I’ll need to discuss this with Taktik a bit more to see what we can do here.