Renoise Mockup (Live Features)

Hi dear Renoise users,
I’m KRIX. I’ve always seen the pattern matrix as a live tool personally, see the video below! :)


This is how it should work!!! (see the video below)

Well, that’s it … I hope the devs won’t get too mad at this (on the doabilty side for sure), but it’s just a mockup (and I had to do it). Any suggetion or thoughts?

Have a nice day!

You can already do this using the send tracks… however I agree that having the feature implemented directly could make some people’s life easier… It’s not my most wanted feature tho.

to do this you need two send tracks and I guess you’d want some hydra devices to map all the stuff to a single slider…

Edit: actually, a single hydra device… its quite simple… what was I thinking?

Edit2: oh ya, asynchronous… that’s currently impossible right? and obviously, this would work with 2 different bpm, 2 different lbp, loop sections, etc.

Actually I had in mind a much more “realistic scenario”, which means: keeping the same BPM and LBP, so it’s pretty in sync in a way.

And why not adding a bar counter, say triggering a block in the pattern matrix then cliking on another block and waiting for the bar counting till it finishs, then the other block starts playing in sync with the first block (seems confusing huh?).

If you want a solution for today, maybe I could code you some device in max msp that would allow 2 instances of renoise to play in sync and have a xfade between the two… I could also add some counter as well… hmm im sure some people could use that…

Well, I’ve already made a similar patch in Pure Data long time ago, but my (very old) laptop couldn’t handle two instances of renoise very well. That’s why a native solution inside renoise itself (without the need of two instances) would be useful for live performance!

Have a nice day! :)

ps: sorry for the late reply.

Asynchronous patterns could be really powerfull and give renoise some nice features for playing live. I already said I ll buy renoise as soon as I know this feature would be added.
about bpm and lbp, ideas can came from ableton live: in Live, a “scene” (mean a row of patterns, as it’s currently played in renoise) can contain bpm information. if you trigger the scene, the master bpm is changed according to the specified value. if you trigger one pattern of the scene (mean just one or more cells), the master bpm is not changed. could work that way in Renoise. If you plan asynchronous playback, have a look on ableton live as it’s well featured in that domain.

@Silicon: You definitely got the whole concept! And yeah, this idea was actually inspired by ableton live, that would be a huge step if we could play “clips” in the pattern matrix that’s for sure!! :)

Have a nice day!

i was fooling around with midi tracks of different lengths in live. it’s really fun to play with when you write percussion parts! (=

it’s an easy way to add “life” to a simple drum track. would be really cool if that was implemented in renoise. (probably much easier than asynchronous playback)

Something kinda related, but not entirely related… After having messed around with Ableton a bit, I have to say, it would be GREAT to at least have manually set BPM settings on samples, along with an adjustable bar grid which snaps sample playback to pattern timing… even without timestreching, this would make mixing/mashing tracks DJ style in Renoise infinitely easier, and make remixing with vocal tracks a breeze as well.

I like how the “schedule playback” arrows are integrated into the matrix. That’s how it could be done.
Here is something that might be relevant: my humble attempt at integrating a “looped segment” feature into the matrix, allowing us to combine looped tracks with the usual linear composition. And I think it could be combined with some of what you’ve suggested?

danoise: Can you clarify a bit your mockup with some explanations ^_^
I don’t get it… :rolleyes:

edit. oh now I got it. That’s a great idea!

Sorry guys, I’ve been busy these days but I’ve got some cool news! I’m preparing a quick demo video to show you some basic concept of what I said earlier (took me a while to learn Flash to make that video).I’ll upload it to youtube as soon as I can.

@Danoise: Hmmm, your “looped segment” feature seems really interesting (especially for live performance).

Ok now forget about the asynchronous playback, and let’s focus on a more real concept!
I made this quick demo video (using flash), I hope it’s clear enough for you guys … anyway it’s still a concept so, some stuff there can or can’t be doable …


Hells yes man. Greatest idea I’ve seen in a while now. I hope you don’t get the “why don’t you just use ableton?” backlash, because this would make manipulating renoise songs in a live environment so much easier.

Actually, looking at Danoise’s idea, it’s essentially a more sophisticated version of what you’re offering up with that video… he just wants to take it to the next level and allow a preplanned path of execution for the tracks.

[quote=“BYTE-Smasher, post:14, topic:27480”]

really cool mock-up this would indeed be sweet for live mash-ups

Wait a sec Danoise… how would one move backwards up the pattern ladder?

Are you basically treating each separate clip that can be chosen to play in its track? If so this is the kind of thing that has got me excited about scripting, if you can modify the song xml data while it’s playing (which seemed to be one of the hints) then you create two empty patterns, a now and a next, and have a scrip copy and paste into the next to cue or now for instant transition.

Or maybe I’m just thinking completely different…

what if two patterns don’t have the same length ?

I guess this sort of playback mode would HAVE to support simultaneous playback of tracks with different lengths. Everything else would seem counter-intuitive?

Hey, you tell me! What I did was to play around with my image editor until I came up with a nice visual element that seemed like it could fit into the (visually quite complex) matrix. I honestly didn’t give much thought to the feature itself before I was happy about how it looked. But…OK, backwards movements…hum, I guess that with a “segment looper” like I suggested, it’s simply a question of re-arranging the looped tracks? To keep things simple, that could involve a “reverse selected blocks” option (which again could be realized using scripting in the future version, 2.6).

“Real” asynchronous playback of tracks (not the workable copy/paste workaround that kazakore suggests) is a different matter. That’s something that requires some low-level effort from our main developers.

Btw: huge props to KRIX for taking the time to make a proper flash mockup! I love those things!!

Guys … Guys! (sigh)

Forget the asynchronous playback! As Danoise said it will (for sure) be a pain in the arse for the devs to make it, but I still think that this last simple concept I made is far more doable than the complex-asynchronous-thingy! :)

@Danoise: Thanx dude, actually I was inspired by your ideas ;)