Renoise Mutant Soundpacks - _BASS_

Happy March to everyone – I decided to swap things around from what I had posted in the original thread, because I’ve really been itching to make more bass / sub instruments with cool features. So, for March, the submission format is Bass!

nu808.xrni (93.7 KB)

To start off, this is an instrument I was fucking around with last night – I named the macros more poetically than technically, just kind of based on what images where coming to my mind with the parameters. I put the instrument together with a desire to have an 808-type instrument with a big range of fuckery.
The basis for the instrument is actually from @arcologies recent video on youtube, where he shared some s950 sine-wave samples. Thanks arcologies!

(Submissions are still welcome in the percussion thread, and I will keep the window open for payout consideration until the 7th.)


bass spiders.xrni (358.6 KB)
(guess the sample)

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acid:base.xrni (6.6 KB)
saw<>square blend acid-style bass. tweak them macros
distortion if you want it!

BP SQ REESE.xrni (24.7 KB)
a fairly nasty bandpassed reese with faux pwm thru detune

fractal psyne.xrni (3.0 KB)
a very simple patch, and a simple/punchy/clean saw bass using a fractal sine wave instead of a saw. decent disco/trance starting point

more later :upside_down_face:

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Dropping a couple of instruments, one is a basic signal-processing idea, the other is a fleshed out 808

(ab)using the multiband send to create phasing effects which can give nice character to bass that’s distinct from chorus etc. I just have a couple sine-LFO’s modulating the band ranges, but using different modulation sources can be fun
allpass_distbass.xrni (12.0 KB)

And here’s an 808 I had fun creating – I tried to give the instrument versatility via the macros, but having a definite character. Enjoy!
trunk_rattler_808.xrni (15.5 KB)

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