Renoise Mutant Soundpacks - _BASS_

Happy March to everyone – I decided to swap things around from what I had posted in the original thread, because I’ve really been itching to make more bass / sub instruments with cool features. So, for March, the submission format is Bass!

nu808.xrni (93.7 KB)

To start off, this is an instrument I was fucking around with last night – I named the macros more poetically than technically, just kind of based on what images where coming to my mind with the parameters. I put the instrument together with a desire to have an 808-type instrument with a big range of fuckery.
The basis for the instrument is actually from @arcologies recent video on youtube, where he shared some s950 sine-wave samples. Thanks arcologies!

(Submissions are still welcome in the percussion thread, and I will keep the window open for payout consideration until the 7th.)


bass spiders.xrni (358.6 KB)
(guess the sample)


acid:base.xrni (6.6 KB)
saw<>square blend acid-style bass. tweak them macros
distortion if you want it!

BP SQ REESE.xrni (24.7 KB)
a fairly nasty bandpassed reese with faux pwm thru detune

fractal psyne.xrni (3.0 KB)
a very simple patch, and a simple/punchy/clean saw bass using a fractal sine wave instead of a saw. decent disco/trance starting point

more later :upside_down_face:

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Dropping a couple of instruments, one is a basic signal-processing idea, the other is a fleshed out 808

(ab)using the multiband send to create phasing effects which can give nice character to bass that’s distinct from chorus etc. I just have a couple sine-LFO’s modulating the band ranges, but using different modulation sources can be fun
allpass_distbass.xrni (12.0 KB)

And here’s an 808 I had fun creating – I tried to give the instrument versatility via the macros, but having a definite character. Enjoy!
trunk_rattler_808.xrni (15.5 KB)

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I’ll keep the payment-eligible submission window through the weekend since I think that’s when most of us work.

As with any of the other threads, feel free to keep submitting instruments / samples / etc after the end of the month.

Here are a few more things I’ve got in the bass department:

fretless_synth.xrni (118.1 KB)
fretless-bass sound

comb_bass.xrni (7.7 KB)
comb-filter based monosynth that gives pseudo-analog sounds

808_utility.xrni (459.7 KB)
A skeleton for improving 808 or sub-bass sounds with pre-loaded stereo-widening and distortion.

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here’s another with a couple of pieces of alien technology reverse engineering included for those who wish to poke around
good for dubstep style overtone basses. selectable overtones, play with the mix and tone macros. all running through multiband compression

overtone sine bass 2.xrni (10.1 KB)

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