Renoise Native Plugin Sdk And Build In Synthesizer ?


My idea is to create a SDK alowing users to write Plugins (Synthesizers, DSP FX) for ReNoise. The advantage will be : Platform independent (Mac, Windows, Linux - All of them are running Intel x86) and More Control over the Sound just by Changing all Parameters @ runtime and in realtime just by Midimapping.
The other thing could be a BuildIn Synthesizer in exchange for the Instrument Editor (this Synthesizer can do so same but even more). i belive this should not be a big Problem coz renoise already have powerful DSP Effects (but for now ONLY as Track DSP´s).
For a Baseversion of this Synthesizer we only need a Waveform Editor for waves of only 256bytes Length, played with Loop from Start to the End of this Wave and them apply the DSP FX to that wave while playing it.
I have already played a bit arround with this method and i can say it works fine, but only on one Track and with the Limitation that ony one Instrument per track can be made this way now.
if we also add some Wave-Morphing and Wavesequencing features to such a Synthesizer we will get a verry powerful toy that makes some, if not nearly all VSTi / AU units obsolete !
By useage of the SDK mentionend above, the possibilitys are nearly endless just by let the user Code (and publish) news custom DSP funktions.
This will make it possible to let users upload nice Songs without to worry about VSTi´s !

Sorry for my bad English, i´m only a german :slight_smile:

i donT understant everything you wrote but i think itZ good - i´m german, too :w00t:

so is renoise :drummer:

but yeah a basic synthesizer in renoise would be dope; it should be in a very renoiseeeish way of style imo…since i would like to be able to draw waveforms plus using dsp´s you almost get near a synth with this but a dedicateD one would be nice.

donT kno shit about SDK…whats that?



Software Development Kit I think. Steinberg has one for VST(I) and I don’t really see the benefit of a Renoise specific one.

+1 for renoise synth… i can see a drag and drop thing on the instrument editor where you can drop on effects, and then wire them which ever way you want to. Modular style, automation panel aswell, would be pretty sweet

Thats Exactly what i mean !
THE SDK (software Development Kit) should be ONLY to develop DSP Funktions like Morphing for the Synthesizer.
if you know my “Sonic Arranger” Synthesizer for the good old Amiga, you can imagine what will be Possible this way.
But the BEST of all is : All DSP Funktions needed to build a nice Synthesizer are already inside of ReNoise (The Track DSP´s), Simply add a Waveform Drawer with some Presets like Sinus, Square, Ramp and Random and let the DSP´s do the hard work for you, its nothin more or less than Track DSP´s just for an Instrument instead of Tracks. Parameters can be Controled by Envelope Generators over time the same way an it works with the Track Automation. i´m sure this will be very Powerful for both, Samples and Syntsounds (Shortsamples of 256Byte length with Wavesequencing and/or Morphing)

i hope this idea will find many friends :wink:

Seeing as you can already build synthesizers with DSP chains (which you can save and export), the only thing missing is a meta device that condenses all the various parameters in the DSP chain into one panel. Basically a Hydra device, but instead of just having one input, each output has its own parameter fader, like the vsti automation device but for DSPs.

…Or you could right click DSPs and use the “show sliders” function in mixer view for easy tweaking!

Something like this?:

the concept is that you don`t have to have VSTs like kontakt in it (you could have custom generators as a future possibilty?)

you allready can do something like that with the ringmodulation device in combination with the draw sample option, ofcourse i know you mean something different here :) but for me, renoise is allready a powerfull synth if you know how to use it the right way. you can do nearly every sound you want from scratch and in combination with “render selection to sample”, we have the most powerfull sampler ever. this is exacly why i love renoise so much :guitar:

if we really have an own synth inside renoise then we have another tool where each song sounds like the other, same as reason for example. every vsti has a diffent character, thats why people make there own choice, based on what kind of sound they like for the music they want to do. there are allready soooo much vstis (doing there job very very well) and i dont think that another one will be very usefull. but thats ofcourse just my opinion!

dont understand me wrong, its good to have people in the community with nice ideas and this is ofcourse a nice idea, but i think its better if the renoise devs concentrate themselfs on making renoises workflow and stuff more powerfull (that`s what they do very very well) instead of making another softsynth. we allready had a small discussion about a option inside the sample editor where you can generate standart waveforms per click, that would be very usefull i guess.

See also:
http://www.renoise.c…showtopic=16647 (May 2008)

For this and more:

about that feature design forum, it has been inactive for more than a year. Whats up with that?

i made a very simple synth using renoise native devices.

this thread contains the device chain.

the post above that one explains how to set it up…first chain is for 2.1, second works in 2.5…

Its kinda dead: Looks like the concept didn’t worked. We’ll remove it soon…

It didn’t work because you didn’t add enough members to it. I inquired a few times as to how to get on to that forum, as I was interested in contributing to design proposals, but I didn’t get any answers.

Also, native Renoise synths = bad idea. Once we get better routing capabilities, there will be no need for such a beast. I’d rather focus on solving the modular routing dilemma instead.

Yes, i think the limitation for who has the rights to add ideas to it was not a great plan.
I think we should never have introduced this access restriction in the first place.