Renoise Not Showing Up As Rewire Slave

I’m on 2.6.0 and trying to use Renoise as a Rewire Slave in REAPER. It does not show as an option for Rewire. I tried Ableton Live and had the same thing. I upgraded to 2.6.1 but there’s no change. Is there something I’m not doing?

I am also on both the latest versions of software and having the same issue have you found a solution by any chance?

Have you tried the tips from this thread?

I looked at that thread but really couldn’t see what to do. I’ve uninstalled Renoise, reinstalled, reinstalled as an Administrator, but nothing is helping. Strangely, REAPER will run as a ReWire slave into Renoise but it will not show up as a Rewire slave for REAPER. When I have REAPER open and try to launch Renoise, I get a message that says “Failed to start Renoise as ReWire slave (Error: failed to load the ReWire device). Please try closing the master application and Renoise.” When launching Renoise after Ableton, I get the same message however, Ableton never shows up as a ReWire slave in Renoise.

I apologize in advance for not having patience as a virtue (I’m working on it though) but is anyone else having this problem or have any solutions to try?

Make sure u installed 32bit version of reaper.

I can only see one version of Renoise for Windows which is the Win32. Another reinstall did nothing.

Tried uninstalling both Renoise and REAPER and deleting any RoamingData profiles from Windows. Reinstalled both and no luck. Reinstalled Renoise 2.5.1 which has an option to install the ReWire Slave engine (Renoise 2.6.1 does not have this option but still has a ReWire plugin) and this did not work either. This is severely frustrating because I actually need this function now. Anything else I can try?

reaper 3.72 (32 bit) and renoise 2.6 works fine as epxected for me, under 64 bit windows 7…

sodiufas is suggesting to check if Reaper is 32bit, otherwise Renoise won’t show in it

I did verify that I’m running the 32-bit REAPER and downloaded it again just make sure. I’m running 32-bit Windows Vista. But, it’s not just REAPER. Renoise will not show as a ReWire slave in Ableton either.