Renoise on Pi (resource usage)

Hi all,
i’m thinking of getting Pi (model 4 - or other) soon - to be able to use it solely with Renoise. Can anyone, who owns any models, make a comparison of projects:

  1. Open project on PC/laptop (mac/win/linux) - document resource usage
  2. Open same project on Pi (the more models - the better) with same parameters(latency, sample rate, etc) document resource usage

video would be perfect - or screenshots of resource-intensive parts, and short summary in general. Since we got support for ARM in the latest update ► Renoise 3.4.0 & Redux 1.3.0 released it would be great to have general overview of how Renoise behaves.

any additional information is very welcome (which audio interfaces & midi instruments are working, any major flaws of this approach etc)

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Following !

Some quick observations of the CPU usage with RPi 4 running Raspbian Bullseye 64-bit during the following demo songs(4 CPUs active):

Regular CPU usage and highest CPU usage

Daed - Bears: Regular 18%, Highest 23%
Danoise - LFO: Regular 30%, Highest 45%
DBlue - Tension: Regular 45%, Highest 55%
Medievil Music - Access Pwd: Regular 25%, Highest 32%

So overall, it’s pretty impressive especially when using just internal devices. Loading up a few instances of Surge XT VST and it chokes up pretty fast, but can still be used for rendering samples out from it. Latency at around 10ms, using internal analog output and ALSA. M-audio Oxygen 49 midi keyboard works plug and play, no setup required.