Renoise Passaround Project

The Concept

Let me introduce to you the ‘passaround’ concept if you are unfamiliar with it. The aim of this is to create a tune as a result of a collaborate effort by many Renoise composers. Each composer has his turn at contributing to the project, once his contribution is complete, the tune is passed to the next person in line. This continues until we all get bored.

We don’t want to stagnate the project, so the aim is to keep the tune going from composer to composer like a hot potato. Please do not take longer than 24 hours, or I will assume something terrible has happened to you, and I will give the go-ahead to the next person in line. (I apologise in advance if this happens to you, but you have been warned)


  • No samples are allowed. For the first project, I want to keep it simple.
  • Only internal Renoise DSP Effects are allowed.
  • You can only use the Synth1 VSTi. (available from the project website)
  • Don’t take your time. Take 24 hours at most.


  • Try hard not to screw with other peoples’ preceding effort if you can help it. If you really feel you have to, feel free. It’s more of a courtesy thing. We may talk about editing the tune towards the end … lets see how it pans out.
  • Please try to keep your contribution short. Maybe 10 patterns at the most.
  • Keep active in the forums if you have time, mainly so I know where everybody is at.

How to get involved

Express your interest in this Renoise forum and I will put you down on the list on the website. Please go to to look at the tune. Once I get a few names, we’re starting straight away!

I would but I’ve been so busy recently I honestly just don’t see myself having the time… :(

You’re a guest user - who are you? Can you reply to this message logged on under your real account?

Really like the idea, love Synth1… Too bad I don’t have the time :(

hm…chords remind me of “time of my life”…
i’ve just begun, ok? :rolleyes:
but it has become 20 patterns,well ermmm just delete 10…
ps: if you keep the last pat, can someone fade out the voice synth for me plz……passaround2.rns

Cool :) Thanks for your contribution. I’ll leave the whole lot as it is, and we’ll edit down last.

ok, who’s NEXT!!!?!?!

I’d love a crack at this! let me know what I gotta do

  1. Go to
  2. Get the Latest Completed Version
  3. Track
  4. Email it to, or post a URL on here where I can get it. (URL prefered)

ok I’m sitting here about to get started on point 3, but have a question: when you say no samples, do you mean don’t bring anything new into the equation or does this include resampling synth1 from within renoise (ctrl shift R style)

EDIT: naturally the first option would preclude the second…

There’s no ‘rules’. I just wanted to keep the tune as small as possible. If you really have to add stuff to make it sound good, then make it sound good. If you really have to add another VST, then add another VST, and tell me (as long as it’s free and small and I can stick it on the site). It just adds to the administrative complication.

I just want to keep things simple. Add samples if you have to. Try and keep them small. Use your judgement. :)

I just want to turn a few of the little melody lines I’ve made into samples in their own rite (see how I made the beatbattle track…) the only thing is I’ll add potentially unnessary size to the file, which is why I ask

I’ve started a little interlude-like section, now lets see where it leads :)

Reminds me of one of the first Soulsseek compilations.


…ok I don’t want to hang on to this for too long so I’ll just keep it to a little interlude :)

hot potato!…spassaround.rns

Thanks mate, (where in Australia are you btw? I’m in Newcastle)

SO, WHO’S NEXT!!@#!@#!@&#!*@#???

If someone wants to go next, feel free. But make sure that you write a message in the forums stating that you’re taking on this leg.

I’m from Sydney

I was actually in Newcastle yesterday, went on a little road trip for the day…
spent a bit of time watching the parasailers out at nobbys head and proceeded to cruise back down the coast from beach to beach at a relaxed pace…

BTW if you change the last note of the bass section of yours to the same one that Shruggy used for the last one on his that interlude fits nicely between the two

Hey everyone, cool idea Mick! I guess I’ll have a go at it next, taking the potato from Alex Strain! Will have it back here in 24hrs.

It is long-track project but then finished faster.

Time! Finished here, potato is hot and ready for the next cook.

OK! woohoo, done, and uploaded.

Ok, Who’s next?!?!?

hey, what happened to not changing what was done previously? All the instruments are tooootally different…you can’t even hear the bass section in my addition anymore; and more to the point the envelope has changed so you need to put a noteoff at the end of shruggies’ to not have a neverending bassnote…

Havent really looked closely as to whats changed yet, but can I suggest either a) enabling/disabling the DSP’s you add at the start and end of your section (either by automating the send level or using the #F00 and #F01 commands in the effects column) or B) making new tracks and instruments to suit the sounds you want to add.

I wouldnt have said anything except that it seems to have changed what I did to the point of being almost incomprehensible…