Renoise Playstation 3 Owners

Beatslaughter’s recent post about a Steam Renoise user group plus the recent talk about GTA:IV got me wondering how many of us have a PS3 system? All of my damn friends own the 360 but I did not find that system very attractive at all. Anyway, so let’s share our PSN ID’s and get a little network going!

My ID is: illformed

cool !! I’ll add you. :)

I still need someone to help me out with my online challenges for Burnout Paradise to get that 101% :D

My Id is: Striksel


mines turbodave I’m constantly on it have you tried the metal gear online demo yet?

Nope. Haven’t downloaded any demos yet actually. I just have GTA:IV and Burnout Paradise at the moment. GTA has totally consumed my entire life, so I don’t think that disc is gonna be leaving the PS3 for at least the next few months, heh. Burnout is really fun as well though.

What I’m really looking forward to next is Home and Little Big Planet.

yeah little big planet looks so fun, home is taking ages they havent even released the beta yet :( my gta is taking forever to arrive i pre ordered it off amazon and play to see which would come first and amazon hasnt even dispatched so cancelled that and play was dispatched on the 28th april by first class and still hasnt come so think royal mail has lost it so ordered off game and i forgot that today is a band holiday so it should arrive on tuesday now

you gta 4 ppl are gonna be like those world of warcraft zombies

I had one, sold it. But I’ll be getting another one soon enough :) PS3 all the way!

oblivion is a top class game also it has basically stole my life, never play wowc but you need to pay a contract doesnt appeal to me when you have a massive single player game like oblivion with so much to do and i think they are putting additional material on the playstation store for it :)

edit: i wonder if there is a way to turn your ps3 into a music making machine, run renoise on it and then you can easily load samples and kit onto it through the usb ports i know you can change the os but think this may be a good idea with such a powerful machine

unfortunately no ps3 here :( Played the new gta at a friends house and it is the shit. The metal gear demo was very disappointing, hopefully the single player will be much better.

Have a ganders at this game by Sierra, its been delayed untill 2009 now but its a cross between gta, spiderman(well what spiderman wasnt) and a mean assed mutant who can shape shift: Prototype

BTW have you tried gta online yet? i heard there were connection problems have they all been sorted out yet?

I tried it when I first got the game, just did a 10 minute deathmatch and got my ass handed to me on a plate, hehe. So I decided to get a few days of practise before going up against real people again. Tried a free roam game the other night and had a total blast!

But yeah, strangely now I’m getting some freezing issues whenever I’m logged into the Playstation Network while playing GTA. If I log out, the game is totally fine. It’s a pretty well known problem now and I’ve read that they’ll be releasing a patch, hopefully pretty soon. Kind of a bummer :(

Mine is - Jakamoflo
Dont ask why it’s my flatmates!

hi you all,

I really go hot on gaming lately, so beside of owning a Wii I now also have a PS3.

I know nobody who is cool enough to own a PS3 around me, only Xbox 360’s
(don’t worry, I love all consoles but didn’t choose 360 because I wanted a Blu-ray system)

I also wonder if anyone was successfull with loading renoise into the PS3 linux install…I am to busy tracking on PC and playing GTA4 on the PS3

but to come to the bottomline.
my tag is: drdrips