Renoise randomly scans for new devices? Audio driver issue?

I regularly notice the following message in the bottom left of the Renoise gui randomly popping up (after song loading or during playback);
Like something is triggering Renoise to scan for the audio device. I can’t say this is causing stability issues or audio drop outs, but why is it doing this?

Could it be related to the auto-rescan option in the midi settings, it still shows the message even though the toggle is turned off;

I’m using the latest focusrite asio audio drivers on windows 10 on 48000hz, latest Renoise.

For now I’ll enable the "ignore reset request from driver’ option to see if it stops these notices.

I wonder if there’s a loose connection on a cable to an input device triggering the rescan

I’ve checked the cables, everything is connected correctly.

Each USB connection on the motherboard has a power limited to 5V, if it is USB 2.0 it is usually 1A, if it is USB 3.0 or higher it will offer more power. In this case, if there are devices in any port that are close to 1A or higher, there may be power connection instability (even if the connectors are well connected).

To avoid this situation, it is advisable to check what power each USB port offers and what devices are connected so that they do not exceed that power.

Another common failure is that one end of the connection is dirty. This can cause random disconnections, even by moving the cable a little. There are special liquids to clean these edges in electronics.

Using USB hubs helps you quickly reach the limit of one USB port when connecting multiple devices, unless the hub has a current transformer connected to power it… I don’t know, I would check these 3 things, in case any of them are generating random disconnections.

Initially, Renoise should not rescan anything if it doesn’t detect that a device has been disconnected, which can be a very subtle disconnect situation.

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I’ve just had the same issue for a few weeks but thankfully it appears fixed after I replaced a mouse.

When I looked into why my system mini froze every ~5 minute I noticed the software for my mouse was constantly writing something to disk so I quit the mouse software and prevented it from running which made the system better but still got that auto-rescan happening in Renoise so I replaced the mouse completely which made the system stable again.

There was never that usual USB plug/unplug sound happening which you’d expect when Renoise get triggered to a rescan.

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yep, I figured it out a while ago but forgot to bump this thread. I had one of these logitech ergo trackball mouses attached and while it worked in the beginning, apparently the usb bluetooth dongle which it is connected to started acting up causing all the rescans. Now I’m back to the good ol’ chorded mouse and this works without issues.

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