Renoise Rewire - How To Route Mixer Faders

Hello together!

I want use the internally Mixer Channel faders in a Rewire Szenario with Reason 9.5. I use Rewire Input for Playing the instruments and this work without problems, but i want at least to use the mixing channel volume faders of Renoise to adjust the loudness, because switching between Programms for that will be boring. Any Suggest how to do Routing for that? Or its not able with the Demo Version because their limits?

And a Second Question. Is it able to use the Old Pattern Font? between 2.5 - 3.0 there was a switch. Dont know the exact Version. But in Internet i see the old Bolder Font and i like him more because he is more familiar with the old Amiga Tracker Style. Im commin from Protracker and later Fasttracker. :slight_smile:

best regards

To your second question:

Hello and thanks for you Answer. I want have exact the same Font like in this Video. Which Version i have to Download?

BTW. The Routing Problem gone. Now only the Font thing left to do. :slight_smile:

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