Replacing Renoise fonts

hey! with the release of renoise 3.2, i’ve been wanting to replace the new font being used with the older pattern font from 3.1 and prior. is there any way for me to do this, or a step-by-step guide i might be able to find?

thank you for your help.

What (I think) I did on WIndows:

Go to C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.2.1\Resources\Skin\Fonts

Drop the fonts into that folder

Edit the Config.xml file int he folder to refer to these font files.


thank you! i’m sure the process for OSX is similar. i’ll try that out.

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does anyone know where to find the “Redux” pattern font? i’m curious as to whether it can be used with new versions of renoise as a replacement for the pattern font.

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Hi, the fonts are unfortunately, wrapped inside the .app :frowning: so every time you upgrade, you lose the fonts you had there. Annoying.

so as an example
/Applications/Renoise_Reg 32bit