Renoise Scale And Chord Helper


I have uploaded the first version of Renoise Scale And Chord Helper. It has bugs, and probably works only with Firefox 3 right now. But either way, give it a try and give your ideas and thoughts about it. Also bugreports.

Anyways enjoy and complain. :)

Excellent work. :)

This is great, but it seems to hog the crap out of the cpu? There are 24 invisible flash movies on the page, whats going on there?

Yeah, those are for audio. I don’t have flash studio myself so I can’t really come up with a more reasonable solution. I’ll check if I can get flash in near future and replace this crap with one flash.

I decided I will sample all the chords as separate files and use one (or optionally two) players to play the chords. Currently the software supports 4 types of chords multiplying it with 12 roots you get only 48 samples.

Also I am open for suggestions. MIDI? Java?

nice one really. maybe this time I will finally learn theory :)

Okay, I found out there are many other ways to make flash other than Flash Studio. So I am going to write a simple flash “synthesizer” app in HaXe or Flex to replace the current hackish method of sound production.

Also the copy paste feature doesn’t seem to work on linux/ubuntu/gnome. Might be renoise bug.

Ah, theres audio? I’m getting nothing here…

FF3 Win XP, latest flashplayer and java runtime etc.

cool little app suva.

Removed the flash stuff for now until I write a decent solution for it. You won’t get any sound, but atleast the app doesn’t eat CPU anymore. :)

Any possibility of a downloadable version later? I love handy tools like these, though sometimes the pages we love go missing, never to be found again.

aww dude bring the sound back asap! i personally didn’t care about the cpu load, the ability to preview chords and put together little chord progressions was nice.

I’ll put the sound back in this week.

About the downloadable version. You can just do “save page as” and it will work. It uses only client side javascript.

I have created the playback feature as a separate swf. If anyone wants to use it in their project feel free.

This is a very simple example showing how to control the playback using javascript.

I get no sound from it, how does it work? Via midi?

EDIT: Okay, the problem may be in my current sound configuration. I’ll check it out later.

EDIT2: Yeah, it was my problem, the soft seems to work nicely. Although I would like it to preload the audio file on init. Could you implement some way for it or share the source code of the flash app. :)

Anyways, great thanks for this thing. I will incorporate it into my program quickly.

Okay, updated the code online.

  • Playback returned thanks Luxveritas.
  • Initial IE7 support

There are some bugs though.

  • The SWF player sometimes has problems playing the chord together.
  • I also could need a method for preloading audio data and knowing when the data is loaded.
  • I could need a way to disable pattern looping.
  • I could use a javascript callback which tells me which line the player is on (I want to add chord progression sequencer).

Anyways, enjoy and let me know what goes on.

Sorry for the delay

This contains all the source code for the playback. Make any changes you would like. Use it however you like You can force preload by calling the loadInstrument function of the swf. If you publish the playback.swf it will give you the playback without any gui.

I have done quite a bit of work to this thing and have not been able to make the timing better. Flash is not very accurate with the timing of its events. It tries to pull the events to the frame rate. if the event is supposed to fire at 100ms it will try to pull it to the nearest frame refresh. 105ms I couldn’t fix this.

If you give me some time I could implement the additions you requested above. But I might not get to it for a week or so. This playback swf uses actionscript 3 which is kind of complicated for someone who is not well versed. You might be able the hack it yourself if you are really good at Javascript.

Thanks for the source. I have experience in many programming languages so I think actionscript won’t be too hard for me. :)

I pitied you having to dig through my uncommented code, extra files and code you didn’t need.

These are the two files you will be most interested in. I added the features you wanted. It was really easy. These are the only two files you will need to compile the swf.

Have fun!

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

New version 1.2 released!

New features:

  • Chord Sequencer - Try out your chord progressions
  • Piano view - See your chords and scales in piano keyboard
  • Bit better layout

Special thanks for this release go to Luxveritas for upgrading his player code. Thanks.

Coming in 1.3 release:

  • Guitar view
  • Arpeggiator
  • Pattern editor tools.

Bugfixes. PM or to this thread.

AWESOME!!! This is really really useful and well executed