Renoise Scale And Chord Helper

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I would really like a pattern clear button and a chord clear button. Once i add a chord to a position i am stuck with that position. I am going to really enjoy playing around with this.

BTW there is a rns file in the samples folder that will allow you to make instruments other than piano. Just open it up change the instrument and write an mp3. Flash is kind of picky about mp3s that are not 44.1khz

(Djeroek) #23

Great stuff Suva!

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Suva) #24

Yeah, it will come in v1.3. Plus “Pattern Expand/Shrink” and some other neat features.

Thanks, I will take advantage of this. :)

(zer0hour) #25

seriously brilliant work.

(Xeno) #26

This has turned into an incredible tool in such a short time. Suva, this newbie thanks you for your work :)

(I finally managed to mirror it locally after reading a bit in main.js, which made me realize the piano samples were not stored within the flash file and that I needed piano.mp3 from the samples folder :))

The piano view will help me a lot with my keyboard practice since I’m just starting with chords and scales. Another idea for v1.3 might be checkboxes or something similar for adding the voicings (add 7, add 9 etc.) for those kinds of chords, various inversions of the chords, option to spread out over more octaves (playing the root note on a bass octave further down from the main chord), possibly the ability to click/toggle additional notes on the piano view to add or remove notes and see what those chords are called.

The possible directions where you could take this are near endless and yet it’s already so useful for someone like me, thank you once again :)

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i love the additions you’ve added, but is there any chance you could bring back the chord preview when you just click on a chord? i like using the sequencer to put chords into a pattern but it was nice before where you could just click on the chord and hear how it sounded. that kinda lets you know what you are putting into the sequencer before you actually put it in.

(Suva) #28

I should upload a mirror zip file. But I first need to figure out the licencing details.

I will add 7th chords and maybe add chords in near future. Maybe 1.3 or 1.4, I just need to figure out how to differ them from the “regular” chords.

Analyzer is planned for 1.4

Okay, I’ll figure something out.

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Very interesting application with lots of possibilities. Great work.

(ryanmca) #30

you are the man.

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Nice one, i always have troubles making chords (i never learned the chord-theory or whatever you call it). Mostly i try making chords and listening to it over and over again in my song until it sounds right by ear.

btw is there a chord-generator of some kind in Renoise 2.0? that would make things alot easier.

(Suva) #32

No there isn’t and probably never will be.

But you can copy data from my chord finder to renoise. :)

I am planning to update this utility in near future. If I finally get little bit of time. :)

(Trackah123) #33

Would love to have this utility as a stand-alone executable file. Just in case your website ever goes down by any reason (you never know) :)

(Suva) #34

I am planning a standalone release aswell. But haven’t had time to mess with it just yet. Probably it will use the same HTML code but a wrapper written in QT/WebKit. Until now you can fetch the page to your local HDD and run it in google chrome.

I will probably ask a little money like $5 for a standalone version with lifetime updates, this is how you can buy yourself an guarantee that you will always have the tool available and you can select which versions you will use and which ones you won’t. The standalone version will also have a bit better audio support and bigger collection of sounds available.

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Your website is down Suva

(Suva) #36

Yes I am aware. I will restore it today about 19:00 EET on different url. The old one will also become available, but it will take a little more time.

(prei26) #37

cool :)

(Suva) #38

Oh, sorry. Forgot to post the URL yesterday:

It is now located here:

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cool tool man :)

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Wicked little tool. Thank you kindly!