Renoise Scale And Chord Helper

(Moss) #41

Yeh, great though. :yeah:

(Frequency) #42

Thx suva, its very helpful thing! waiting for a standalone version ;)

(delphi) #43

I launch it everytime I play mess with Renoise.

Most useful tool ever.

Thank you Suva!

(Luxveritas) #44

I have created a new open-source swf based synth that you could use in your app. It will allow you to preview chords in a brower. Unlike the last version this is only 4k.

(Suva) #45

Ah, nice. I will check it out.

(electroDude) #46

MUSICGEN site is dead!


Sorry, i am very late - but does someone got the tool? I would like to try and use this tool .

Thanx a lot!!