Renoise Screeny


it just occured to me that it would be awesome
to have a screensaver that looks like renoise
playing down a track. can somebody make it please?
I will ofcourse greatly reward you…

thank you!

as will i.

This would be way to much work to program and to support all the different screen sizes. You could record Renoise while playing a song into a video and use “Microsoft Video Screensaver” to make a screensaver out of it.…30-ed4ffe02baac

good point man.

cheers for the link, didnt know this existed.

damn and i thought it was a screenset of the future renoise :drummer:

It would be hella easy in flash ;)

if someone does this. can it be posted?

If you give me 100 EUR I will do it, with the ability to play back random (prepared) renoise tracks aswell. ^_^

I am working on something related to this, fixing up a screensaver in process wouldn’t be too much work.

I will donate the money to myself for buying food. The screensaver, and sourcecode shall be free for everyone to download, use and misuse.

Considering song.xml is…well… xml… technically if someone made a mockup of the pattern editor, they could always make the song scroll with actual data :P… perhaps synced to an mp3 of the rendered song?

100 dollars and you’d have a deal ;)

Seriously though, I like your direct approach… it’s just that I can’t spare any euros…
I could remix your favorite track, or compose an ode, could even upload samplepacks
or share my indecent amounts of plugins…

The more I think about it, the cooler it would be to see 400 bpms roll down in hex…
absolutely smegmatronic… Bytesmasher, you familiar enough with flash to pull it off?

Well, you don’t have to pay it all alone. Others can join in. I need money more than remixes right now. Sorry. :P

Would it work if there would be the pattern view, and some related visual effects but not the full Renoise GUI? It could be cheaper. :)

Aye but my free time is very limited, and I’ve got much better things to do with it… like finish my VST plugins or actually gasp MAKE MUSIC! :panic:

Hahaha, yes I can imagine… I think most musicians are in that situation…

The most vital part of such a screensaver would be patterns with events.
GUI, plugin parameters, trackscopes and the likes I consider of less importance.
Still, for a 100 euros I’d figure out a way to make it myself… all I need is a dude
crazy enough to pay me! Or us!

BYTE: You’ve been saying that for months now… what have you been doing all that time?! ;)

Working a draining job… and spending time with my GF… once the weather warms up, my free time should become a bit more free :P

Write a *.SCR which runs Renoise until you move the mouse… have it hide the splash screen as Renoise loads, and hide the window/stop the music upon mousemove so it looks like instantaneous loading and quitting.

100 bucks to program that? Sounds like a sweet deal…

so then I’d be watching a silent, non-moving renoise screen… not exactly what I’m used to,
but I can still imagine how tempting the idea can be… man… renoise running and nobody using it…!

still, as long as the screensaver is more expensive than the actual software itself, I think I’ll just
make sure I’ll never even NEED a screensaver… ;)

You could also use this absolutely boring version meanwhile. Reminds you to move your mouse and get back to tracking. ;)