Renoise should be on Steam

So many millions of people use Steam, just think of the exposure. Besides that, it seems like many people in the gaming scene were/are also trackers at some point in history. I wonder if it would help Renoise.

Steam = give 30% of your profits to valve, additional DRM

And I am quite sure that most people who are still interested in making music with trackers already know about Renoise

nib, in my experience most people making music don’t know about trackers let alone Renoise so I think Sense is onto something here.
With Microsoft and Apple having their own app stores these days I think they’d be better platforms to sell on but they take around 30% of the sale too.

Cant you just add their fees to the price?

This is was suggested when Steam started doing software. The main sticking point seemed to be Renoise’s subscription method.

Steam is fucking horrible for using software through, I noticed Z3ta 2 was on sale there the other day and just laughed.