Renoise + Spotify

Hello guys!
Iv noticed that there is no playlists on Spotify for artists who work in Renoise, therefor i have made one :slight_smile:

The playlist is totally new, so please past the links to your Spotify tracks that you made with Renoise. I will try to add them in rotation.



Good idea… we all need a bit of promotion :smiley:

Here’re a few of mine:

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Guess I’m gonna share this…

Here is what i see when artists post spotify links:


Open Spotify does nothing and no way i would ever install the get spotify.

I think you need the Spotify app 1st of all ))
Just use the web version " browser version" if you are not planning to install the app.

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Unfortunately …doesn’t work, when I hit ‘play on spotify’ it tells me to install
a desktop software application, which i one-hundred percent will not be doing.

No other services are an issue; yt, bandcamp, soundcloud, etc, are no problem.
Just sharing my experience with the service.

there… all of my tracks are made with Renoise! :wink:
edit: except for “Sorvete”, which is not.

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Very cool!

American Electronic, my current album, on Spotify Ameri(can Ele)ctronic - Album by James Britt | Spotify #AmericanElectronic

Previous album, Small Guitar Pieces

James Britt — Small Guitar Pieces - playlist by neurogami | Spotify


Made in Renoise.

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Got an EP and an album up on there:


Added !
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Many albums done with Renoise here:

Yeah, I kept busy…

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Hey my latest one was made in renoise!

The other stuff was made with BuzzTracker


Here you go :

Many thanks in advance !


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Woa. A lot of tracks @_@ I could not add all of them lol
I just selected the ones that i like from every album.

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Heck, I’m just happy to contribute. Renoise is nearly a perfect environment for music composition of abstract electronic. These tracks are all Renoise, from sequencer to effects. Hopefully the next update (if ever) gets those last few little bits I keep begging for.

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Here is my one track in spotify.They got my name wrong though and i cant change it i think because i used distrokid.Maybe i am wrong correct me if that is the case


Nobody here have any problems with Spotify?How much do you get per stream?

I don’t have any technical problems with Spotify but it’s worthless for small musicians with few plays, they pay on average $0.00318 per stream so a 1000 plays makes you 3 dollars :sweat_smile: