Renoise Studios

Did a search and couldn’t find a thread like this, if there is one please merge.

I am now officially part of the real speakers club.

What’s your setup like? Post some pictures!

your piccy dun work

Hmmm, works for me?…_studio%7E0.jpg

how can you make music in such a tidy room? :)

I like to keep things nice and minimal :D

The only other things missing from the photo are my headphones (Sony MDR-V6).

Also notice the key ingredients to many nights of tracking crazy noises: the bottles of booze in the corner :lol:

Ahhh! My dear Alesis actives!
A love 'em :wub:
The subsound is so pushy :drummer:

u cheated! u threw in a ps2 stick to make it seem more messy! :D

edit: a pic of mine soon to come aswell, as soon as i tidy up a bit lol



yeah and paste 4 other midi keyboards while your at it

huh? keyboards? ;)


Well, this is the Basskick-Studio.

My personal studio is currently not available, cause I am moving to Stuttgart this month…

DF> moving to Stuttgart

Stadt Stuttgart! cool. I used to have to go there often as a child. Enjoy it. :lol:

So, if you want to post a picture, then you have to have it uploaded onto a site? What is a site that allows for a free hosting?

Wow… DopeFish cleaned his desk just for the picture!
Your set of turntables are nice dope though!

Can´t really call that a studio. Speakers are stupid arranged ect. ect.
Someone has some money for me? Then I could re-arrange everything and buy some new useful tables and stuff :rolleyes:

Excuse the quality. Old camera :)

here’s my place:

As you can see, I’m a software dude! I don’t have much, but I will have more. AND a better layout than that, gah… :rolleyes:

Hi this is my funkylab. I have a new soundcard now, a firewire audiophile, but it’s not on this picture

I have 2 pc. The second on right have kontakt and fx teleport to use it as a big sampler.

mobile studio now — and there’s no pic atm, so a standby …