Renoise Survey

I just installed LimeSurvey on my webspace and might do a renoise online survey if there is any interest in it.
I do have some questions for my own, but it would be nice to have questions from different people for greater variety.

So, what do you want to know about your fellow renoisers?

If you submit a question please provide possible answers also, like:

What is your favourite color? [red,blue,purple,chartreuse,i don’t like colors] (or similar)

Fun / nonsensical questions welcome!

What is the right answer to everything? [Chuck Norris]

There, fixed it for you.


do you use mostly [third party sampler / renoise sampler / vsti synth]
Do you use pattern command [often, all the time, sometimes, never]
do you think beer fasten your creativity [only with chinese noodle, no, my cat drink my beer]

Cats don’t drink beer. <_<

d. outboard synth

i’ld add a question about feature requests/wishes for future renoise versions, if the dev team doesn’t mind.
the obligatory piano roll, i guess. personally i want single envelopes for samples in drum kits back …
what else would you want in there?
“live” view?
audio tracks, i guess.
collapsible track grouping?
side chaining?
snapshot device (to morph parameters)?

edit: oh, Let'S Vote For New Features!


you’re right, my memory was somehow tricking me. -back* then x)