Renoise Top-Right Logo Customization

this thread is dedicated to customization of the Top-Right (Instrument List) Renoise Logo.
the relevant file can be found in the Skin/Logo/ folder inside your Renoise folder (on Windows), and is called ‘SmallLogo.bmp’
replacing this file with your own customized version will load it. the size is 100x100 pixels.

here are some to get you started.
please note that the forum does not allow image embedding of .bmp files, so to obtain the .bmp use the download link underneath each image

Weed - [download .bmp]

Reed Ghazala - [download .bmp]

Mario Mushroom - [download .bmp]

Mario Mushroom (with Renoise R) - [download .bmp]

Eagle - [download .bmp]

Eagle (with Renoise R) - [download .bmp]

Waveform - [download .bmp]

Splatter - [download .bmp]

…inb4 many truly good “aftermarket” Renoise logos:

RENOSE? WTF? [link me beautiful ]

It had to be done.

Hahaha, I can foresee RENOISE Y U NO HAVE (but I’m too lazy to make a mock up)

added a new one. wanted to remove my weedleaf-logo because i just threw my weed out, it is making me paranoid. so i decided to do a waveform logo to focus on the music more. i added it to the original post.

edit: forgot a quite obvious one, the ‘splatter’ logo. added to the original post.

No chance of you ever winning a DDRC now!!! :P

hahahaha, who knows, we’ll see how weird my brain turns out to be sober. did shrooms yesterday so that will give me some thought for the coming year as well :)

You sound like a responsible father figure :rolleyes:

my only ‘children’ are my 2 dogs, so there’s different standards :)

I remember my dog just laughing at me when I was on shrooms once. Not actual laughing but I could see in her eyes that she knew, to the full extent of whatever perception she had, that I was tripping. German Shepherds are very perceptive.

@ex-sedate: yeah tripping around animals can be pretty weird/cool. i’ve heard some talk about it being amazing to be around a horse when tripping, but i have never been in the position where a horse was in the vicinity.