Renoise Tutorials In French Language One Day ?

Hello :)

Again, thank you for the 2.0.0 version, it’s really fantastic, making music is such a great pleasure :)

But unfortunatelly I must admit that i miss a lot of technical explanations because of my poor english understanding :(

So I guess it is not a priority, but do you intend to make a translation of all tutorials in french language ?

Or maybe some users have some ?

Thank you very much for the great great work you made with this wonderful tracker. I love it :wub:

No French speaking person stepped forward and did a complete translation.
1 attempt has been made for a French translation, one attempt for an Italian translation.
The French version was not translated for even one letter, the Italian got stranded on a translation of a few pages.

A translation requires a person with a few things on his hands:
Love for Renoise
A lot of spare time that the person is currently wasting with boreness
The native tongue of the language
and ofcourse dedication till the end (no quitting after two or three pages)

If you know such a person, sign him or her up and we’ll see how far we come.

Well, sending the docs to professional translators is always an option. It costs money, but often not that much.

I say we shove it through google translate, then let Kaneel pull his hair out fixing the grammatical mistakes :P

That’s what i suggested in an earlier post as well……sl=en&tl=fr

What i pity in that case for th French is that they ofcourse perform a French searchquery which will turn up nil results, because the translation is not being indexed :P

I got an idea !

If sending the docs to professional translators costs not much money, we could (french people of the forums), send a donnation to reach the amount required by a professional translator ?

What do you think about it ?

I am ready to send 100 or 150 euros maximum to help because i really would like this french translation be reallity one day :)

I decided to contact a professional translator, and sent him the quick start guide + the whole documentation in html pages.

He will give me for both documents the price and the delay.

As soon, as i get his answer, I will tell you, and if not too expensive, will ask who want to participate with a donnation, I will copy here the mail answer :)

Thank you :)

Ok, so I just sent both .pdf and .html files to a network of independent translators which should be less expensive.
Wait and see :)

WHo knows why, of all the places I’ve been, France is the only one where I ask things in english, they understand me perfectly and then… answer me in their own lang!!! xD

(okok i’m just kidding, ya know :P)


I wish I was an Englishman, maybe in another life !

(just kidding too) :P

Not only that, every revision of Renoise may contain some drastic changes that they have to be retranslated again each revision.
And usually another thing is, you send in the documentation and you get back each english paragraphs followed by each French translation, meaning:you have to stuff the paragraphs back in between the wiki images yourself.

Even my services are just a tiny fraction of 9000 dollars for writing documentation from scratch.

The French do know very well how to symbolize their meaning by using their hands, so even if you don’t understand what they are saying, they can perfectly express themselves using handsignals.
I went to France in 2002 with my parents in law who are Russian. And my father in law just had a defective wheel axe and just went to a garage with his Russian convincing the French mechanic to drive along and listen to the problem.

It is magnificent to see a Russian speaking Russian to a French guy who returns the answer in French yet they understand eachother perfectly ;)

thank Napoleon for this :)

And Peter the Great assumably regarding Russian and French trading history. But AFAIK only Russian women really spoke French (In Russia) back in the old days only because the Emperator liked to hear women speak French.

Napoleon invented body language?

I’ll donate $50 Canadian dollars for a french translation.


I would like to get a manual in French version, believe me ! I think that the Web Site “” can find French translaters…

Colok is a very good French translater on the audio tools on PC, contact him :slight_smile: He will be happy if you give money.

Thank you & Greetings,


I would really not recommend to donate for this.
This is a bottomless well that you have to stuff money into. (are we going to do fundraising for an Italian translation and a German translation as well then?)

I would rather appreciate video’s on YouTube the best way to go as no one can explain things faster in native tongue than the native speaker himself.

We? I ain’t donating for italian…

I speak english and french (canadian version), both fluently. My donation is personal.

I get what you are saying, but I’m willing to pay for french, because that’s one of my native languages, and the canadian province I live in is francophone - not german or italian.

I don’t think it should be official though. It should be an open source side project, like the developer tools.

Hello Conner-Bw :) I am waiting for an answer from 2 translaters, let’s wait for their prices !

Hello ViZiON :)

That’s a good idea ! Maybe your solution will be the less expensive, so i contact Colok and also wait for his prices :)

Thank you to both of you. I keep in touch as soon as i get any informations.

I think it’s a good idea to try to get this french translation, and it doesn’t cost anything to try :)

Microsoft has recently also released a translator,
give it a go.

I can´t tell if its good but it might be better than babelfish/google?

Or I got an idea :) A meta translator, let all three translate, merge the results and eehh don’t understand a word :)