Renoise UI is sluggish everywhere after Catalina update

Is renoise still not Catalina compatible?

I recently updated to Catalina, and Renoise is no longer working correctly: all the graphics of the UI are slow now. Just scrolling with arrow keys in the pattern editor is slow, so I can’t even get normal visual ‘playback’ in the sequencer. There’s like a short lag for just scrolling line by line!

Is this known behavior re: Catalina, or just something on my system? I had to reinstall Ableton after the update, but it’s fine now… ooof.

Is there truly nobody else here running Renoise on Mac OSX Catalina who can comment here, at least to let me know if my issue is unique to my system?

Renoise is currently unusable for me on my imac, since my upgrade to catalina. Every single part of the UI responds slowly, as detailed above. I tried re-installing, no change. The whole thing is sluggish, but it’s most noticeable when simply moving the cursor up and down in the patterns – there is a lag before it moves each line.


2018 Mac Mini, latest version of Catalina, runs like greased lightning over here. Not sure why Renoise is running poorly for you. I don’t use any plugins or sound generators outside of what Renoise has built in or has been coded in Lua for Renoise. Not knowing whether you do or do not use plugins (assuming you might?) maybe there is an issue with a particular plugin?

Wish it worked for you - have you tried installing earlier Renoise versions- some people have success that way.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. The sluggishness occurs in a completely empty session, so it’s not due to any plugins :frowning:

Does increasing the soundcard buffer settings in the audio preferences help?