Renoise & VCV Rack ideas


I’m going to try out a few Renoise/VCV Rack ideas and I’ll be posting them here.

Be inspired - make it better!



Another one



Both lovely, but both too short lol.

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Thanks! :wink:

I’ll add longer.

You live a pretty hectic life and have a pretty hectic job. You wish you could spend all this time working on making music instead. You have a short lunch break, you decide to eat fast so you can make a little beat. You open Renoise and start to chop up some drum samples from various breaks. Then you need a melody quick so you open VCV and start patching. You decided to go with Marbles, two Macro Oscillators and a Sequential Switch. You record what you got realizing you only mixed it with the inbuilt laptop speakers …

Oh, you also had to get a second Vimeo account cause the other one was out of free memory…


These sound awesome. Is this Cardinal or just Pro?

I use a lot of Voltage Modular but for some reason haven’t really paired it with Renoise yet (aside from resampling and importing). Seems like an inspiring workflow though, so you’ve inspired me for sure!

Also, your mixes sound great. If that’s just laptop speakers, that’s a testament to my theory that most people are just over-mixing most of the time. Awesome work!

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Hello! Thank you for listening. Its the Pro version. Haven’t worked a lot with VM but I guess its real cool too. Do you have any examples?

Again, thanks for the feedback!

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the tracker within the tracker…

here are the VCV tracker modules:

Can’t stop

Finding space, 3 channels of Renoise, everything in 12 bit.



How did you make it 12 bit?
Edit: LoFi Mat?

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Yes, LoFi Mat :slight_smile:

VCV for bass and graphic the rest is noise… Renoise

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Please, forgive my ignorance. I see the patterns in some of these videos are quite short - is there a lot of modulation going on in VCV Rack to keep it flowing? Im extremely unfamiliar with modular, interested but scared of the rabbit hole lol.

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Hi! Great question, I don’t do “overwhelming” lots of modulation really. Sometimes on the melody I introduce some randomness to get it floating. These are pretty quick 30 min sketches. I should try to expand and modulate more!

Hey VCV is free, so pretty cheap rabbit hole, unless you fall to deep and go hardware that is… :wink:

I thought VCV Rack was a paid thing to use as a VST? I just worried about spending tons of cash on the paid modules too. It does sound beautiful and im fairly sure im going to have a look soon.

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you’re right, the VST is paid. however you can route via bridge I think… ? :slight_smile:

There’s also Cardinal (and if you’re insane and don’t mind the crashing, PlugData)!

I actually do feel inspired by your pieces so maybe I’ll have to do some Renoise / modular experiments later today myself :smiley:


super cool!!!

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Very nice! :grin:

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