Renoise video tutorials every few days.

I don’t need to, that’s documented:…_Devices#.2ALFO

Ofcourse you are free to pick trigger points at 20, 30, 70, E0 etc.

It just means you can also ‘reset’ (you could say just set) it at any position; open up Custom mode to make it a little bit easier to understand and visual.

…just adding some xrns examples to vV and Cas’s reply…

[2.7] More Tuned Devices!

custom lfo scaled to another lfo’s frequency

Repeater Device

Edit: Added link.

EDIT: Video has sound issues, I will take it down and upload another one as soon as I get some time. How embarrassing.

Sorry it took me so long to get another video up, but my microphone exploded and I had to wait until I could get a new one. Today’s update is just a nice basic introduction to the mulitband send device. Links in OP updated.

…um, not hearing any of your renoise sounds. i can hear your voice but not the renoise signal :confused:

Well, fuck. Serves me right for not checking videos beforehand.

Will rectify the situation soon, until then I’ll take down the video.

Here we go. I have rerecorded the entire tutorial for the multiband send. Apologies for the technical issues, but things should be fine now.

Brand new video. I was a little frustrated with myself for the quality of the last tutorial, so here is a meaty and wordy one showing off the power of the advanced editor tab in renoise. There’s alot I go over, and the AE is capable of a whole bunch of really useful things, so check it out.

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