Renoise Video Tutorials

Anyone interesting in beginners material can for sure browse this topic, the rest is welcome to try. (Flash movie format)

Feedback upon the contents itself is also very welcome.

I’m not able to download the torrent. I’m getting a NullPointerException with Azureus which usually means that the torrent is trackless.

Yes it is, that’s why i advised to use the latest official torrent client.
I will try to set up a tracker defined torrent then as well.

The only problem is i ran into problems in the past setting up a tracker and currently with the MPAA bring down lots of big tracker servers there is not a large pool of trackers to use and any other i don’t know how reliable they are and if they are reliable, how long they will stay up because of the content that may be shared.

If anyone has any problems with the torrent/ed2k, or the link on the wiki page runs out of bandwidth, I have mirrored the file on my server which is fast and has plenty of bandwidth to spare. Feel free to grab it from here if you need to.…

Vvoois, hope this is ok with you. If you need a place to mirror other similarly sized files like this in the future, I probably wouldn’t mind mirroring those either.

Looks very promising vvoois!

keep it up!

It’s fine with me, but don’t know if you want to host the updates as well…
And the total size of the complete tutorial collection may become larger when the time passes.

That is just Amazingly well done!
The only thing that would need a better explaination is the noteoff in the end of the tutorial…

But still 5 out of 5!

Once again super good…

Superb tutorials vvoois. I know what I will be refering people to in the future for a renoise intro.


On a small note I spotted a spelling error in the pattern tutorial i.e.

frame 960: “De default size…”

but really not worth changing if any amount of work!

Excellent stuff,

Keep it up!

Thanks for the cheers, now i just remain waiting for the users that have only a few posts and start asking questions about things i and experienced users overlooked.

I will take the note-off along in the next course where i also shall go into details about the instrument envelopes. I’ve also should have left out the NNA example as it is not explained very well either besides what it does.

Spelling errors, yes and i’ve noticed a “pattern” which actually said “patter” but those are really minory incidents. I’ve removed and changed a thousand other spelling and grammatical disasters before i released the current package in this state.

There will be no CD for a while but the material downloadable from the Tutorials link page will remain free even after the test period.

i bet you could find a group of several users on this forum who would be willing to burn & send these cds to interested users. i know that in other communities (for example, the video game Thief’s community on often have people willing to burn & send cds of related content out of the goodness of their heart, for just the price of packaging & shipping.

also, i think it would be a good idea to mention on the downloads page what codec the video has been encoded with, so we can get an idea if we will need to install one before we watch it. i.e. i am at work right now but i don’t have divx or quicktime stuff installed here, so i don’t want to bother downloading it right now if i don’t know if i will be able to watch it or not… so i’m gonna wait until i get home where i know i will be able to watch it :)

just to anticipate it, the video tutorials are Flash animations

nice tutorials vincent! I’m looking forward to see more…

Really great job! I love these kind of tutorials… Wondering though about the second ‘Interactive’ part, I did not like it. Not because of the content but I was taken out of the comfort zone and had to read and click it was all a bit confusing what was going on and I just quit it. Maybe I missed something but that’s my experience with it. Love the first part with the highlights on the area you where talking about… really cool!

excellent introduction into renoise :)

great job vvoois ! :)


although this tutorial was for beginners and i already knew all that stuff…

… but for some strange reason i’m getting some kind of inspiration from that kind of video tutorials… i dont know why but it happens. :unsure:

and good job vvoois :)


You can still be amazed how much knowledge you can have as a tracker against those who read the word for the first time today.

It’s not that they are dumb it’s that a lot of things for us became as if it always has been logical while a beginner has to face acustomisation from nothing.

It doesn’t matter which tracker you had… any person who dealth with PC trackers since '93 / '94 (FT2) knows how to pack up instruments by deviding samples across your note-keys. FT2 had a virtual keyboard, IT2 did not had this but still, most could really figure that out by themselves.

To go even more back… the true vet’s that used sound/noise/protracker know how the desktop keyboard was arranged to input notes.

And now there are still various persons, asking me questions how to change the octave range to the first five upper keys since they are identical to the lower right keys.

To every person around, this is logical.
But not to a beginner.

I’ve seen this question passing the list “how do i save a song? i was just fooling around for a few hours to figure that out and i did something stupid or some plugin made Renoise crash and gone was my stuff.”
Yeah, for someone who expects a button that pops up a file-dialogue and an extension type list like any other normal Windows application does, Renoise will not do that for such a person.

And the fact we receive those questions means we had enough flaws on the job by overlooking obvious and logic situations that may not be intuitively interpreted as we expected. As well as in the documentation as within the GUI.

The more i read back the stuff i try to point out in those situations, the more i get the feeling i forgot to mention stuff in there that is obvious for the most, but cumbersome for beginners to figure out.

It will take a while before the whole deal will be excellent.

:frowns: Downloading… Am curious… but

My thoughts on this. Arent we all selfthought trackers? … Never heard of video tutorials for a tracker… I for sure never had some1 teach me anything about fasttracker, screamtracker, ft2 etc back in the days… and that to me is the charm of being a tracker… video tutorials are for reason people. To anybody new to the scene asking me how to track? i say… show me some dedication first and find stuff out yourself, you must earn it. (starwars anyone?) after that i’ll teach you some tips&tricks and the refinements of it all.

but i’m still downloading, havent watched the tutorial yet.

after i wrote this i realized maybe these should only be available to registered users?

well this is a great idea, but yeah when someone is taught, its pretty much handed to them on a plate.
ive read that IQ is based on problem solving like when in a videogame you must complete a puzzle or in this case a program whose roots reside outside of main stream logic. when i person learns tracking from looking at other ppls mods and be trial and error, it does indeed force learning and after a bit understanding.

with video tutorials it gives the veiwer understanding without the learning process.

so one could say that having viideo tutorials would actually be hurting the ppl whom use them, because of the aforementioned.

on the other-hand im sure alot of ppl in the early days had friends who used them and thats how they learned of them. so those ppl could always just ring the friend and ask how this or this is done, but in the area i live, harrdly any i would say 90% of the ppl have never even heard of trackers. and i am talking about the guys at computer music stores.
with that said it would certainly help quite a vast majority of beginners.

if these were available to me when i began last year, i would have been tracking full tunes in no more then a couple days time.

good job vvoois, beginners are what keeps tracking alive!

I think that 100% of oldskool tracker users are selft-thaught, but I also try to understand the need for a video tutorial: if I was a long-time Cubase user and now, at the age of 28, I would like to try ReNoise out, surely it would be different than back in 1993, when I discovered trackers and music through Startrekker on Amiga.

Not that now I’m an old dumb freak who can’t learn anything by himself, but my spare time is less, and so is my will to start something completely new.

Also, the oldskool programs were much more straightforward than now, and there was no standard GUI for programs at that time.
Now, ReNoise is counter-intuitive for people who never seen FastTracker.