Renoise Was Made Blatantly To Just Make...

Well I make neither of these styles, so I miss the “other” option :)

But Taktik has hard-coded Renoise to randomly chose a tempo on startup:
160, 138, 135, 132, 128, 123, 115, 100 or 80
which translates to a number of genres…?!

And the purpose of this poll is ?

To show that 1992 hardcore/rave rulez :D

…actually, and again, just that happy milkshake just can’t hold the excitement of using Renoise to make 1992 hardcore acid rave techno tunes which come complete with drum and bass :lol:

We need a “I’m so happy I could burst”, “Renoise saved my career” etc. subforum, so we can move all those (dozens? hundreds??) threads there… would be good advertising, too, and it wouldn’t even be cheeky, since these threads are becoming an issue for some haha, it’d be a maintanance thing rather than a PR gag :D


Why cant you vote: All of the above? :rolleyes:

where is “progressive rock, classical and experimental electronica” option?

I think renoise works best for making animations.

How about an “Introduce Yourself” forum?

Definetely Drum and Bass… ;):wink:

Though you can make any other music style too, but there is no other program out there that DnB fits so naturally =)=)

I’ve heard rumours that many of the earliest Jungle / breaks artists such as Omni Trio for example used trackers btw. =) If some of you can confirm this or know any other Suburban base / Moving shadow artists who use trackers, I’d be glad to know…

Anyone know what program sonz of da loop da loop era used btw (?) =)=)

There are like 6 persons (me included) doing that in renoise ;)

Renoise was made to destroy your amenbreak.

What a stupid poll. :confused:

Renoise was made to compose music in. Any genre can fit as long as the musician uses his imagination and tracking skills.
There are no limitations what so ever for what genre Renoise is made for.

Except Kaneel. I don’t think Renoise was meant for him.

Where’s acoustic cheese?!

You’re doing the Impulse, you fowl Frenchie! :D

You’re French. France is so stuck up it has its own waveform. It goes like this:

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Because of suicidal French teen girls, they want to stop
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