Renoise weird cpu

So I am testing some cpu stuff ( testing on an old i5 cpu )
I created a patch in u-he zebra hz , which enables all diva filter ( eight of them )
In renoise I can input 3 notes reaching 80 percent before going overboard , adding a fourth note gives cpu overload ( this is when the zebra-hz patch was created in renoise )
Restarting renoise and reloading the patch , I can easily input 5 notes before going hayware ,which brings it on par with reaper performance
This is verry weird
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In reaper, when you do the same thing (new synth, config etc.) you don’t get the same perfs ?

Have you seen this thread?

In reaper I get the good performance right away (when creating the patch from scratch ) , no need to reload the host and save-load the patch .

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thanks, more clear… does closing UI change anything ? I already have experienced cases where that’s more graphics rendering than sound processing that kills cpu (guitar rig 6 for instance)

Vital drains cpu as soon as the gui is shown ( noticeable in task manager ) , I have noticed this odd behaviour with certain plugins .
Zebra-hz does not exhbit this behaviour , it’s just weird why renoise behaves so much better after a restart + loaded (zebra hz ) patch

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ok, I have no much clues, sorry… I hope you’ll find something ! (I stay tuned, I’m curious :wink: )

oh… I’m thinking at something… Does your audio buffer is the same amount in renoise & reaper ?

Problem solved .
It’s bug in zebra hz which I ironically found a couple of months ago and already mentioned on the u-he forum
I have forgotten all about it
The diva high pas filter is not instantiated after reloading a patch , and thus not processed

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