Renoise Won't Render First Line - Arturia Analog Lab

Using latest version of both Renoise and Arturia Analog Lab V (VST3) on Windows 10.

Open a song and immediately render then Analog Lab V more likely than not won’t be rendered if its note is placed on the 1st line of the first pattern specifically. If the note is placed on the 2nd line or later it works.

So it’s easily reproduceable; make a new song and place a note with Analog Lab on 1st line, save the song and close Renoise, then open the song and render without pressing play first as it mostly render when played first but not always. If it does render then close Renoise and retry.

Come to think of it I got Arturia FX collection 5 a month ago and updated all my Arturia plugins, this bug may have begun back then.

I had similar problem with Arturia CZ V. I find such a workaround: when rendering I use WASAPI drivers instead of ASIO. This works for me.

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Thanks! That workaround also appear to work for Analog Lab :+1:

So this is an ASIO render issue of some sort.