Renoise Xrns Songs Blog

Hey guys. We were thinking about Renoise Production blog in this thread. And I got an idea about XRNS songs blog. Since XRNS is an open song format, and Renoise 1.8 RC1 first public version is coming we need some promo things, and one of these promo things could be a XRNS songs blog?

I’ve made a blogspot entry at the moment to show how it could be looks like.

And the question is do we need it or it’s a crap idea?

Okay, I’ve chosen wrong place for question. Don’t get me wrong guys, but you made me laugh for a minute. When I saw this 0/45 (0 replies, 45 views) I imagined 45 madly looking dudes with a “hmm… no wares, no binaries, don’t own me, gettaf*ckoutahere©Eddie Murphy”…

I’ll keep the blog fow own purposes then, might be tricks, compos, own track reviews… Have nice a day, community… lol

I did not write anything here, because I do not have a glimpse what this blog should be for.

With such kind of enthusiasm there were no trackers in the nature. This silent “Ummmmmmm” doesn’t any good.

The thing IS:

  1. I’ve registered the “” before some “sanchos” from Zimbabwe took the name and ruined the idea.

  2. I don’t know yet how to use this nice blog system, but I’ll find something, that’s a no big deal.

  3. I wanted to ask the “community of 45” what’s they think about the blog, which can be related to Renoise.

  4. Of course, it’s just a free blog service, but there are ideas behind.

The xrns song blog could be a place for:

  1. Back-engineering of nice songs, to experience the tracking technology
  2. Making/supports small compos.
  3. General tracking posts.
  4. whatever.

Of course, now with your “glimpse” we don’t need anything because the world is clear and obvious to everyone of us, there are no ideas except shit ones. Now kill me, I’ve suggested another idea.

It could be a good replacement for the songs section of this site… maybe we should replace the songs section for a blog part… It would allow you to search on anything you desire.

I would not take the blog as the songs selection replacement. The song selection is catalogue of links to songs. Anyone can add own song to the selection whereas the blogs needs authors to post, the blog disallows to post anyone. But I guess we can add authors as many as we want. And the blog authors could post reviews (even short) of the song they liked, for example. So, the blog could be a general support base. Xrns is open source music, that’s also a subject to brainstorm.