OK so please excuse if this type of thread is well trodden but…

WOW… Renoise. Massive MASSIVE huuuge shout to the Renoise Devs and Community!

Big up your chests you fam. This is, without question, the best sequencer on the market.

My music production history started firmly in hardware. First with a bass guitar in a metal band then progressed to a drum machine with a lean towards the industrial, then obviously got the bug and bought some samplers, adats, analogue synths, big old mixing desks, banks of effects etc etc… you get the idea. I was a proper junkie.

Lately I’ve been down-scaling my setup though, felt there was too much bloat. Too many options, none of which were really giving me much inspiration. In this downscaling process I was looking to what options I had in front of me. The last incarnation of my studio was a massive rented space with all my outboard flashing LED’s at me. It was fun, but like I say, not necessarily productive or inspirational/useful. So I sold most of my gear and was left with a desktop PC running Cubase SX, a SH-101, a Sherman & a Yamaha keyboard (basically a weighted keys piano). This still wasnt right.

Then by some accident i found renoise.

Totally changed everything. Brought me RIGHT back to the days of programming my wee drum machine about a decade ago. Love at first sight. My setup now comprises a Laptop, a NI GR Mobile Soundcard & a paid of headphones

So I’ve read most of the manual and am finally comfortable with the GUI. There is NO going back. I wont miss Piano Roll (really, there is NO need for it, please dont include it, surely its just bloat?), I dont think I’ll even miss Audio Channels. This is a totally different way of sequencing, lets not try n shoe-horn the ‘other’ way into this gorgeous interface. I love how the tracker UI makes you think in terms of parts/objects rather than layers as I’m so used to in startard DAW behaviour.

Earlier tonight I laid down a part using ‘Minimonsta’ (a minimoog vst), assigned an LFO to the cufoff, another LFO to the delay, then assigned further automation to those LFO rates to evolve over time… FUCK! i have NO clue how on earth I’d have done that in Cubase. There is apparently no end to the automation chains you can build up. I then got busy dicing up a break I’d assigned as an instrument into little samples. Gloriously simple to spread this over the keyboard. So quick, so easy, so intuitive.

I’m completely in love.

Thankyou Renoise Devs & Community for creating the best music making software on the planet. Full Marks chaps!

Great to see someone is having a blast and talkig about it :)

Now that is quite some refreshing thing to read… currently not many dare to take the dive from the plank into Renoise when they got used to PR Daw.

The Audio channels are however a lack, specially if you want to mix vocals, you have to call in the aid of Mr. ReWire to solve things.

good to hear,you will have a great time with renoise.

before i bought renoise i used reaper,ableton live lite,logic.

but after i got renoise,i cant work in the above daws anymore.

Renoise is absolutely brilliant but it still think its interesting to see how other DAWs work. I really love Live (ordered it last week) but I dont think I will ever create the weird fucked up soundscapes and insane heavy basslines in Live as I do in Renoise. :D

The esoteric features of Live (clip envelopes, Follow Actions) are useful enough that I use it on most of my tunes even though I use Renoise for most of my sequencing at this point. Live excels at… intuitive composition?

Basically, Renoise is really great at getting me where I want to go musically… Live is really great at getting me where I didn’t know I wanted to go musically. So I use both.

I think that Renoise is really the best missing link in a DAW’s world currently, specially with ReWire added, it makes Renoise a very underestimated powerful add-on.
If there is a good reason to spend a 50 euro’s budget with Christmas on either a VST plugin for your current DAW or Renoise, it would probably the best investment ever done if the choice would fall on Renoise.

With the upcoming update (I really hope that it can start around Christmas) one would definately not regret it. I know for sure that from those who are still working with the Demo, a large amount will probably register to participate in the Beta.

That’s all the excitement i can give away currently.


excited like hell

Indeed it is a powerful add-on – and a very underestimated one.

The way I see it: because of ReWire there’s really no reason anymore for going into stuff like pianoroll or audio files disc-streaming. These are standard features within the traditional-established DAW paradigm, so anybody could just hook up Renoise with Cubase, Sonar, Live, Studio One, Orion, Pro Tools, Reaper… and so on, and have instant access to such features.

Instead, I’m personally hoping for Renoise to further position itself as a powerful add-on to other DAW hosts, being a geniune product of integrity and with a feature-set rooted in the tracker paradigm, rather than trying to compete with all these DAWs in regard to all possible features and workflow designs they offer.

On a second thought, I DO see a reason for adding such features: they help to promote the tracker software among people who’re not familiar with trackers. If they can start editing notes in a pianoroll or import the audio-tracks from their other DAW software, they might have an easier time exploring the possibilities with Renoise.

Personally, using ReWire is not realistic for me because my DAW isn’t powerful enough to run Live and Renoise at the same time. As soon as I open both at once, my CPU immediately jumps to 40%. I can run about 1 track before it starts to glitch out.

I don’t have that issue myself, but I’m on Linux, it’s not possible for me to connect Renoise with another DAW (live, Reason, whatever) that may have some specific feature I’d like, Renoise being one of the few music softwares on Linux that are actually good (and I do know about Jack and that I can connect with other software, the problem is not having the other software for Linux). I really wouldn’t want Renoise to solely focus on “being an add-on” and possibly neglecting some kick ass features and I’m not talking about the above mentioned piano-roll (I’m against implementing a piano-roll, actually), but other things.

But on the other hand, Renoise as it is, is already very nearly enough for me. I only do a few minor things with other software, timestretching and some random things like that. So whatever the team decides to do will surely be a good thing.

one smiley :w00t:

ive sort of been spamming (not a a proper spammy way) praising how good Renoise is on a dubstep forum, you will have alot more new customers soon ;) heehe, I say renoise is good for dubstep it’s good for everything!!

:ph34r: :w00t:

May that perchance be …? Last&Least and Vadarfone and me are already spreading the Hex there ;)

Insulting possible prospects does not really help to make them do the switch…

True, but users of FL are not likely to be on this forum ;)

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