Renoisers At Evoke

Because Evoke is only one week away I just would like to know

a ) who is coming and what they are planning for/beside evoke


b ) who will be there first, because I would really like to have a renoiser-table or something and it would be dope if someone could just reserve alot of space for that reason … just so we are not strewn all across the hall.

I myself will arrive somewhen on friday and in the evening I will be away for the clubnight because of disrupt/jahtari playing, on saturday I will go visit the cologne sportsmuseum to see a newly opened exhibition about skateboarding, sucks abit to leave the party but this is my only chance to see that exhibition at all. (maybe anyone cares to join me?)

as my girfriend also enjoyed last year’s evoke, i’ll be accompanied by her again this year. we are planning to arrive due 16:00, door-opening time, but that’s just the schedule and might be postponed if i do not happen to get my streaming entry ready in time.
in the worst case i will arrive staturday noon, just before the 15 o’clock deadline - but i’m positive that the delayed arrival won’t happen.

i also thought about this, but have been too lazy to make the respective post as yet. so good thing you did, because it would definately suck if we were scattered all over the partyplace.
however i’m not sure how such reservations work (do they have to be made before the party?) and if they are possible at all…

this has nothing to do with the “evoke tracks” event @sensor club, or?
well, i for myself do not have any plans to leave the party place for anything else than organizing food and a little excursion to somebody of my kinsfolk having a birthdayon saturday.

well, “reservation” was meant in terms of “go to a table, spread your stuff all over it and threat to punch anyone coming close and not being a renoiser in the face.” pure ghetto-style.

and yes, I am talking about the sensor-club evening, I gotta be there, it’s mandatory for me. (It’s a leipzig-posse thing :D )

PS:Oh, important question. The years before I always had another place to sleep/shower at, this year I am all on my own because my people moved away from cologne or are not there that weekend. So I actually have no idea about the facilities at the party-place … Is it worth bringing a towel and a sleeping bag or should I just not care about stinking and stick to red bull the whole weekend ?

I’ll be there for pretty much the entire thing. I’m landing at Cologne airport at 12:05. I’m not exactly sure how long the train journey is from there into the city, but it doesn’t seem very long, so I guess I’ll be at the party location at around 12:30-ish… maybe a little later since I also have to check into my hotel.

While I’m in Cologne I have no other plans except for the club thing on Friday night and of course Evoke itself. I think I just want to relax while I’m there so I can take it all in, have a few drinks, meet and talk to people, take some photos, etc. I probably won’t even bring my laptop into the party itself. I’m not planning any big compo entries or anything like that, so it would be nice not to have any equipment and shit to worry about… just me, myself and I. Perhaps I’ll share someone else’s machine for some co-op music action if an interesting opportunity presents itself.

The skateboarding exhibition thing seems like it could be interesting, but I think I prefer to stay at the party location since it will be my first time at Evoke (or any scene party, actually).

As for reserving some spaces… I’m not sure how all that stuff works. Do you reserve spaces and get some kind of place holder to put on the table, maybe with a name on it? Or do you just have to sit there and kick peoples’ asses when they try to steal the space? :)
It would be nice if most people showed up at around the same time (ie. early) so that one of us doesn’t have to sit there alone for several hours.


yeah, it’s pretty much “first come, first serve”. Evoke is rather cosy and spacey, lack of space normally becomes a problem at saturday or later (if at all).

dblue, if the only reason for you to not bring your laptop are the worries about thievery, then i could offer you to store your equipment inside my car whilst you’re away from the party place.

Thanks. I’m still not quite sure what I’ll do, but I’ll keep your offer in mind. Just don’t run off with all my Glitch source code :D
Anyway, it’s not really the concern of it being stolen, since I know there would probably be someone there to watch it for me if I need to go anywhere. I simply don’t anticipate myself actually using it very much at the party. I’m not going to be coding anything, drawing graphics, or doing any serious music making, etc. I’m sure there’ll be a few quiet moments when I want to jump on IRC or something, but it’s not the end of the world if I miss that. I think (I hope) most of my time will be occupied with enjoying the atmosphere, hanging out, and pestering everybody else. :P

Bad news, fellow renoisers. I had a broke in my water pipe in my flat. The whole flat is one big swimming pool and there’s some hardware swimming in it. My PC is broken, my router is a bad swimmer and my edirol midi-hub also seems to be broken.

Currently I am some sort of shelterless. The walls in my flat will be covered with mould in a week, I guess…


oh come on, man … this can’t be happening ! last year your car, now this … damn.

Wish you all the best with this situation … Hope you can get alteast something out of your insurance or something … shit. Heads up.

just got informed that we start 7 o’clock in leipzig, which means we will be there around noon too. So no worries about staying alone too long, dblue.


So, tomorrow a guy from the insurance company will be at my home and look what got fxcked. I am still hoping that I’ll manage to get to cologne somehow. Wish me luck. I mean, I can’t sleep at home anyway :)

Sad to hear. But let’s hope you’ll still make it.

As for me, it looks like I’m coming now for sure. Although like dblue without any equipment again and propaply just from saturday til sunday.
Well, gathered together my medicines, hoping and depending on colognes local emergency units. I think I’m prepared. :)

Count me in as well. Though I will definitely not come before Saturday. Currently have a very time consuming job…

Ah, and I will not wear a “I am a Renoise-Dev” T-Shirt, so I can spy around to see what people say about Renoise behind my back ;)

Taktik, ptrance, woohoo ! This is gonna be great.

keith, I guess ?

I’m having a hard time to finish something aswell. Guess I have to leave out the streaming music compo again (don’t want to send something previous released). As for the tiny music compo, well… I’m hardly trying to compress a 314kb track right now. :smashed: …and errr, I’ve done the TRACNE NOT! rly!

still busy on my track for the streaming compo - basically wrote it during the last 7 hours and it’s still plenty of work ahead…
too bad i feel too exhausted from all the mess during the last weeks, gotta get some sleep, get up due 11am, finish tune until 15pm and finally get my ass into car, driving to evoke at around 16pm in order to arrive one hour later.
i hate schedules, because they never work for me - hope it can validate that rule with an exception.
and of course it goes without saying that i haven’t had enough privacy to get a tiny music entry done.

me, speakers?
if i had some compact monitors or alike i’d definately bring them… but carrying my 1,3 meter high cantons is too much for these comical keith-muscles. :(

so, the people here yet : me, keith+girlfriend, dblue, ptrance, kaneel and some strange friend of his (another scary french guy). we have fun.

yup, we definately had some fun. i liked last evoke, but i really enjoyed this one. thanks everyone who cared to show up, especially to the “non-regulars” going by the names of dblue and taktik

to bad eduard already left after saturday night and therefore didn’t make it onto these sexy pics: