Reorganize Instrument Tool Freezes System

This tool (I know it’s old) makes the whole system freeze, using the “remove empty slots” function in 2.8.
Shouldn’t it produce the “Script not responding” dialog (which I get all the time when there’s no problem)?

Just reporting this in case you are considering an improvement of renoise’s freeze avoidance system.

I’ve tried this with a few songs here but never could make Renoise freeze completely here. Reordering instruments can in huge songs take a very long while though, cause Renoise has to rewrite all existing patterns to match the new instrument layouts.

So in this case it’s not the script itself which freezes, but Renoise needs a very long time to perform the job.

Please let us know if that’s not the problem and you have a song where Renoise completely freezes to death.

Now, I’m also unable to make it freeze again. Tried with a few big songs, but it worked.

Maybe it happened because a renoise dialog got stuck BEHIND the main renoise interface (if you know what I mean… this sometimes happens when bringing other windows (programs) to the foreground of Windows XP while Renoise is working), rendering Renoise inaccessible.

Anyways, doesn’t seem to be problem. Thanks for looking into it. I will report again if I experience more consistent problems with this tool.