Repeat Entry Of Values / Effects

Lets say I start a channel with

C-4 7F 0D01

I want to repeat 0D01 at varying intervals down the entire column.

Is there a way to simply repeat a previously used value so I don’t have to type in 0D01 for each row, or use a paste command?

Impulse had the feature:

Where one could simply hit the spacebar to repeat the column’s previous non-blank value.

Might not be hard to script :]

hi protman. check this out:

we’re on the same path on this one.

my next step was to try and figure out how to read the “last note” from the selected_track, and place that in a specific place. space would be awesome for this.

that’s awesome. can it be modified to also output previous note?

Post any feature suggestions in its thread and I might look into it next time I visit the tool :)

Ok here’s a simple request, joule:
please make a second keyboard shortcut for Pattern Editor:Edit:Repeat Previous Effect.
this way I can bind Space to it for pattern editor,(i use space to play a selected sample in the sample_editor), and use it in the pattern editor instead of it wrecking any other behaviour up :)