Retrigger Sample Behavior on Short vs Long Samples

Guess I found another bug …dependant of sample size
Take a sample ( like a spoken word just to make things clearer , 160 kb ) insert one note on first line ( no syncing etc no note off, no loop points ) on all the other steps insert retrigger comand ( e1 ) …strange thing the sample will retrigger but wil also play to the end ( kinda like a time stretch effect )
Do the same thing as written above but with a larger sample …it wil retrigger but retriggering the same sample section ( as it should )
This only happens when the retriggering command is inserted in the volumecolumn
Sample must be smaller than 500 kb

example 1 where c4 is short sample the retriggering will happen trough the whole sample

c-4 E1
— E1
— E1
— E1
— E1
— E1
— E1

example 2 where c4 is a large sample …here the retriggering will only happen on the first portion of the sample…these are exactly the same commands only thing that is different is the size of the sample
c4 E1
— E1
— E1
— E1
— E1
—E 1

Replace the vocal ’ Love me 'sample withe larger one and it will all be clear

can’t believe nobody notices this behaviour …

That is strange, I’ve only used it on snare/kick drums so I’ve never noticed.

The difference between the retrigger command in the volume/panning column versus retriggering in the pattern is a feature! So the fact that it will run through the sample when triggered in the volume/panning column is wanted behavior. I haven’t noticed before that using this on large samples didn’t work, maybe this is a bug or maybe it is a limitation?? In any way I really like that it can run through the sample and hope this won’t be reverted back.

edit: maybe the difference in retrigger behavior can be explained more thoroughly in the tutorial pages?

Yeah … but how come the behaviour is dependant on samplesize ( less than 600 kb)…?
So I guess it’s must be some kind of bug

Song Settings -> 09 Mode

You are probably in Amiga/FT2 mode, because you imported an old track?

When using a retrigger command on an already playing sample with no note next to it, Renoise will retrigger the sample position of the last hit line in 09 command resolution.
If the sample gets longer, the samples per 09 command resolutions are higher, so the chance that a new slice is not reached at all is higher as well.

So this is somewhat ugly, yes, but can lead to nice and strange effects. Also I dont think that we should change this. If we would do, all old songs could sound different which is always a pain.

If you dont want this behavior, put a note next to the retrigger command.
If you then dont want that your envelopes get retriggered, leave the instrument number blank.
If you want to retrigger specific parts of the sample, put a 09 effect next to the retrigger command.

All you have to do is being more explicitely.