Review Of Monitors

maybe somebody will find it useful… They are reviewing two-way near-field monitors with around 8 inch low frequency drivers and that are priced under 1000$. Pretty much what i am lookong for :) so i thought maybe somebody else also…

I got the Tapcos S8 about 7 months ago. I don’t regret my choice. I haven’t used it to it’s full potential and I believe I never will here where I live. It would probably blast the windows and the neighbors would throw me out. :rolleyes:

i think i wait, get some more money and get prolinear 720 or 820 :)

Man, these low-priced monitors cost twice as much as I had planned to spend. Or would I regret buying really cheap ones later?

i dont know, maybe you will be better off with monitors that have 5 inch low freq driver but are more better quality? :unsure:

i myself will wait and gather money for alesis prolinear 820 i think and until then use my logitech z-2200 speakers witch are very good i must say for PC multimedia speakers and for their price.

Just bought a pair of KRK Rokit 5 and I’m more than satisfied with these.
Well, doing electronic music, so I don’t know how they would compare to
other musical styles… :P Cheap ones too :)

Review :…es/krkrokit.htm

from the cheaper ones ESI near05&06 are very cool. they’re even used by some professionals who don’t care about money that much…

i heard somwhere that esi near05 is the same former m-audio sp5b monitors under different name…

dont know for 100% though

If I didn’t have the money (today I don’t <_< ) I’d go for a 5" monitor and I believe I’d also go for a Rockit. I almost bought one before I bought my tapco. It was a very difficult decision. And that yellow drive… hmmm… :)

But when it comes to monitors everybody says you get what you pay for and I think that’s true. So yeah guys, do you research before buying so you don’t have to switch or buy something else in the short term.

I’m really set with my monitors now. When I get a point where I have the money and I don’t now where to spend it, I’ll probably sell my Tapcos and buy first class monitors like Genelec or Mackie.

But for now I’m good.

Oh…… and another thing, very important, to think about: indirect costs.

When you buy monitors, and want to use to its full quality capacity, you might wanna get a descent sound card, balanced cables, maybe some Auralex isolation foam and a little mixer. That’s another $$$$$ damage in your pocket. :huh:

yep :( whatch out.

I’ve used my Alesis M1 Mk2 with dirty SB Live for a year…
And when i buy M-Audio Audiophile soundcard, and listen my monitors with it - i was totally stunned about difference in sound detalisation, freq range, panning and total cleanness! & Shocked about how can i forget about such important detail as soundcard… For a whole year i used my expencive monitors not in a full power…
So when you buying studio monitors - remember about soundcard issue - it’s not less important 4 ur soundin’ ! ;)

Too bad the Dynaudio BM5As didn’t cut the list, but for around US$1,500 they’ll well worth the money. In my opinion, a better choice over the Mackie HR624s, and possibly even the HR824s? And of course coupled with a dedicated BM9S sub, you really can’t go wrong. :D

Dynaldio are excellent monitors too, and freaking expensive :P . Just go to Sound on Sound and they review all kinds of monitors every month. Do a search there you’ll find almost anything.

But you know what dropped in price? The mackies. They dropped about $300 dollars each. They used to cast $700 a pop (each, mind you :lol: ), now they are $400 something at

Keep looking.



can you tell please about your ALESIS M1 ACTIVE MK2? are they good?
i heard they have a good low end… is it true?

i have had some good feedback about Samson Resolv 65A

and if you look at the price :blink: then i think i will give a serious though about buying them…

if somebody owns them (or some other samson resolv monitors) then gimme some feedback also :)

Samson Resolve

That’s the review for the Resolve 80a. You might get insights for the 65a’s.

Remember SoS is your friend.

Got a lovely pair of Behringer Truths, great value for money at £240, (especially as they sent me the 2031A’s rather than the 2031’s :yeah: ). Had to spend a bit of time listening to some commercially produced music and tweak them to suit their surroundings, but to get better you’d probably have to pay nearly twice as much.

Yeah i love my Alesis.
About low end - true, it’s powerful and punchy. You can configure amount of low’s by pulling frontpanel holes, anytime (useful to configure sounding for different rooms and locations).
Other freq range are beautifully flat and crystal for any case.

i cant make up my mind what is better: 8" LF / 1" HF monitors or 6" LF / 1" HF monitors, if i’m going to buy a subwoofer aswell.

It feels kinda strange that 1" + 8" drivers can cover whole freqs. I kinda wanna go for 1" + 6" monitors and add a separate subwoofer to make it 2.1 setup.

to make myself little more clear :), what you think is better 8"/1" monitors + sub or 6"/1" monitors + sub. (not concidering the price difference, just sound)

8" LF/1" HF + a separate sub would be going into mid-field territory, wouldn’t it? My BM5As have 6.9" LF drivers, and the sound is actually remarkably loud given the size of them. Of course it depends on the woofer excursion too, but I think you should be able to go with a 6" LF + a sub setup if space is going to be a factor, and whether or not you’re after a near-field or mid-field solution.

Of course, having 8" LF drivers would be a lot nicer, so I’d say that if you can afford it and you have the space for them, maybe that’s a better option. Just keep in mind that ideally you want to be situated the same distance from the monitors as they’re spaced apart, and so you’re going to need quite a bit more space than would be available in your average home studio to go for more of a mid-field solution.