Rewire For Renoise?

i must say i’ve never been happier writting tracks since my buddy picked up renoise for me for x-mas,
i ditched ableton live, kore etc. renoise has made making music fun again, I’ve been doing this since 92, I’ve had all kinds of gear and kit, but i must say with renoise in my current set up ( REnoise, Reaktor 5, korg legacy, fabfilter plugs, and elektron uw and a sidstaion )this is the most easy flowing writing wise I’ve experianced in years. but any ways I have tried MadTraker but I’m sorry Renoise is simply more advanced and a treat to use, so that being said, why the hell hav’nt you’ve put rewire in this beast. Please consider this as I think many of us would be very happy maybe even content.thank you for you time:).DamonO1



This topic will keep coming around.
Of course I love Renoise already and feel the same way about it.
Rewire is still near the top of my wish list.

yep, said it before and ill say it again:
Rewire would be totally awesome.

ReWire would be great, yes, but this is a very frequent request (I’ve seen it countless times during the last ~5 years I’ve been lurking on this board) that also seems to be very hard and/or time consuming for the dev’s to include into Renoise’s code. Maybe it would cause lots of bugs and become a nightmare to debug, who knows? So personally I don’t expect it to ever happen. Sometimes we simply have to accept the fact that not every feature on the endless wishlist can make it into the world’s greatest tracker software.

good things come to those who wait …

I think it’d be cool, but at the same time I don’t know how it would work. Things would be synced up to rows? Or each pattern would represent one bar?

A scenario:

You have a 4 pattern loop, patt 1+3 are 128 rows long, patt 2+4 are 192 rows long (I’ve made a track or two like that). How would rewire sync things up with another host (FL, reason, logic). Most hosts (if not all) can’t switch from one time signature to another on the drop of a dime.

Well, when having Renoise as Slave, this is imaginable that it is very tough to implement:how would you translate a time-line of milliseconds into row-positions? It should be something like a certain arbitrary position would then have to be translated into a position in a pattern on a row from a certain delay-point offset. (matched to a 1/256th delay offset position). Ofcourse if such position is small enough to be a portion of a millisecond, this works out, but if the bpm is something like 20 and 1 line per beat should be played, that is like 1 row per 3 seconds, you will have a 44 milliseconds shortage (300msecs - 256 positions) to get a precise offset for the ReWire master.

When having Renoise as a master, this is a lot easier to to, simply calculate a timer offset and let the slave roll off from that position.
Taktik already mentioned, Renoise as ReWire master is easy, ReWire slave is a hell.

I would not say “Never” against ReWire implementation but i would not say “a fully possible ReWire” implementation either.

Ive been tinkering with this option… As I use reason as well, I make my song in Renoise…Then paste the entire wav into reason and build shit around it. Instant satisfaction of two sequencers… This is a wierd way of doing it, but it works, Try it with your sequencer of choice and be amazed.

I think many, many people be perfectly happy to settle for Renoise As ReWire Master. Just that, and then ditch the fucking subject. It would still be awesome.

So, let’s still hope for that Super-Rocking-Mega-Feature to happen some day, but personally I wouldn’t hold my breath while waiting for it.

You probably already know about this, but for the benefit of those who don’t:

Observe that you can still slave and sync Reason to Renoise by using a virtual midi cable, such as LoopBE1. Basically you then use Renoise as sequencer and Reason devices as instruments (use MIDI-CC’s to control the knobs in Reason). When you have an arrangement, simply use Bantai’s XRNS2MID script to export Renoise’s pattern data to a midi file. Import the midi into Reason(/Cubase/Ableton/Whatever) and – tada – you have the notes from Renoise without touching the pianoroll to get them. Works fine, although it involves a bit of work…

Ughhhh, reason is a disappointment in my opinion. Lack of vst integration. It’s alright to mess around with here and there, but I’m sure you can all agree that you can pick out a reason track from a mile away.

Reason is too expensive for me… And I don’t know if there is any freeware programs that support Rewire and if I could find them useful… Since then I just support those who could get some advantage from Renoise having Rewire but it won’t for me.

Agree that the Reaper Sync is basically nice.
But it’s pretty hard to sync exactly. Didn’t manage it so far.

means: basic sync functions without problems, but the finetuning shift in milliseconds is difficult - in my case always a bit out of position and then the groove/feeling gets lost.

Especially I had problems when using Renoise as MIDI slave.

So +3 for Rewire Master support !

+4 for that. And Renoise as slave aswell! :D

Bring it on :)

Yeah it should be here. This is a very sophisticated program, but a lot of people would probably like to integrate a tradional daw, for using audio tracks, with a tracker interface. This is why revisit was created I guess, but I don’t want to use another tracker. I’m a renoise addict already.

Bring it on guys. Just sync it to the bpm and good to go.

If ReWire would work like that, it would have been added with Renoise 2.0 already as Master AND Slave option… alas Rewire uses the amount of samples/sec to synchronize.

I’ve recently installed an evil windows on my second hdd, just to jam around with reason from time to time. Being able to enslave it to the big master called renoise, would be pure awesomeness.

But if I remember correctly, there’s been a licensing problem…