Rewire: Logic As Master, Renoise As Slave...anyone?

Hi all,

Firs of all I have to say that before renoise had this feature I never felt like using any other application in rewire as slave so I’m new to this.
Anyways here’s the situation:

I’ve started logic
started renoise
accepted to use it as slave
created a new midi channel in logic
chose renoise from the library it appears on the right
went on the mixer and created a new aux with the rewire bus 1 ch as incoming signal

result is that I can hear incoming signal from renoise and I can actually see it in logic’s mixer but I have no clue on how can I actually record or export in wave what I hear…!

any ideas? :blink:

Have you set it up like this? I.e. set the input for the audio track you’d like to record to the bus you’re receiving to from Renoise.

Yes last night I found out myself, what I was missing was an audio track to record the bus in from renoise :D