Rewire Question, Tonematrix And Comments About The New Midi Map

Hello everyone.

For the past 3 months I’ve been working on a sequencer in Max/MSP that allows real time video editing (and there’s sound as well, obviously) The results are really interesting however, the amount of messages needed to handle the sequencer states, presets, effects, video, audio and all that stuff makes it very intensive on the cpu.

My solution was to use Max for Live and use Live has my “clock”. What I mean by “clock” is the engine that would support the tempo, the notes and sends the midi messages for when notes are played… and if possible the different presets.

The interface (to use the sequencer) is the novation launch pad, which is cheap and very easy to use with max msp.

Now what does this has to do with renoise?

Well, I’m simply amazed by Renoise 2.5 and I love the improvements. The new midi maps and pattern matrix makes it even better than it already was… So much that I want to build my sequencer around it and later turn this max msp patcher in a very complete video interface to be used with renoise in which users will be able to load video clips, trim them, sync them to the renoise song and render the video with the audio sync’d to it! I remember dreaming about such tool about 2 years ago, and now I can pretty much code it for you in max msp!

Danoise’s idea of using the pattern matrix as a step sequencer really inspired me, this is going to be the core of my video sequencer project.

Let me link his thread even if you all saw it, just to make sure that proper credits is done and that everyone understands the concept.…mp;#entry177362

Ok so, I got my own version of this sequencer (which is very similar to danoise’s) running and I’m using it with my Novation Launch Pad. I use Max MSP to light it up and get visual feedback from the launch pad.

I really like what you’ve done with the pattern matrix and the mapping but I’d really like it if it was possible to “shift” your mapping across the matrix a bit like how you move your grid in ableton live when you use the launch pad or apc40.

One thing I really appreciated too is even if I had to click 64 times to map my sequencer (using tonematrix) on the launch pad, I can save it so it stays… This is a really neat feature… good job team.

Now, to finish my current project, I got a question about rewire. You all know how Renoise “loops” if you have let’s say 8 patterns they will loop over and over again, and that goes well with the sequencer concept. However, considering that I want to be able to record that live performance with max msp (record both video and audio) I need to use rewire and max msp is my master, renoise is the slave… I also mapped some control buttons that I made in max on the LP so it’s pretty easy to use.

The problem I’m having with rewire is that Renoise won’t loop when using it in slave mode. Anyone got an idea how I can have it loop?

Sorry if this thread is messy…

Thanks again for 2.5


When running Renoise as ReWire slave, you can partly “unlink” it from the master, allowing to use its own song length & loop settings while still syncing the BPM & bar positions: See -> Transport Synchronisation

This should do the trick?

Yay! Seems like a simple idea that could grow into something beautiful…
Glad I could provide a bit of inspiration for this project!

Ohh voila! thanks taktik!

I will see how far I can get this thing.

sorry to go abit OT,but ive been thinking on getting the novation launchpad,to use with renoise,how is it?is it good?

If you’re planning to use it with renoise only, you’ll only have a bunch of midi buttons and won’t be able to use the LED feedback.

However, it works really well with max msp so you could use max msp to give visual feedback for your renoise needs.

ok i guess i wont be buying one then